CRUD Generator for WordPress

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  1. was amazing … I ‘ve tried to like in the video tutorial , but only empty display only. Can I be given an example file ?? so they can find out what is wrong to follow video tutorials . thank’s

  2. @dewah – I understand your frustration; the video does move rather quickly. I went through it pausing the screen frequently and making notes of what was happening, especially what/where files are being created.

    If you’re getting a blank screen chances are you encountering a fatal php error; turn debug on to see the error. In my case I forgot to place a leading “/” in from of the pathname in an include statement.

  3. Hi! someone has publish the delete function on github, but it is imcomplete! Can you please update it? Thank you

  4. wow, really interesting but the lack of better usage instruction is inexcusable.
    author should have put together a quick readme or similar document to make it easier to use instead of the video. or simply just zip up the sample plugin he created in the video so we can see where files go and how they are called.
    If you are going to share than share with love.

  5. I had the same problem, look for the file class-admin-menu.php line 56 and just add an else like this to the file exists where it includes the template

    if (file_exists($template)) {
    return include $template;
    } else {
    echo “View file not found”;

    my problems was in filenames and with this you can have the error…

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