Feedback for WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

6 thoughts on “Feedback for WooCommerce Conversion Tracking”

    1. Firstly, the free version will get this feature bump and it’ll have few integrations available, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. But I’m not sure yet how many will be provided in the free version. I know few services I want to integrate, but there is a long list of integrations that could be done. So a PRO version will be there to unlock those integrations. I hope you got the idea 🙂

  1. Hey Tareq,

    That’s a nice plugin you have there. I would be interested in the Facebook integration. I haven’t yet used your plugin since our store is based on Easy Digital Downloads, but it definitely looks very useful.

  2. Hi Tareq
    I am new to this, can you have more information. My understand is you only count conversion with the codes you put on sale page. Can it also give me sales, net profits, when I use paid traffic, how much I have spent for that traffic. In one program It will show me everything, traffic to my pages, sales, cost on that campain and the most important PROFIT, then I will know it the campaign is working or not. Is this posiable

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