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  1. Hi Tareq – I love weGallery! I started using it today and really like it so far. I did notice an issue I’m hoping you can address. When you insert a gallery as a grid and link to a media file or attachment page, the resulting images that display are very small – 150×150. However, if you insert a gallery as a grid but do not link to anything, the images are sized 375×500. I would love add a gallery to my blog posts that link to the media files, but I would like the images displayed at 375×500. Is this something you can fix/add? Thanks for your consideration.

    1. When showing as grid, the thumbnails are shown as “thumbnail” version of WordPress, which is 150x150px. Linking to media file links to the full size of that image, which is opens as modal/popup. Linking to attachment page is handled by your theme, nothing I can’t do about it.

  2. Thanks for the response. The grid without hyperlinks show 375×500 – that is how it is displaying on my blog (www.stephinthyme). It’s only when I link to media file or attachment page that the size changes to 150×150.

    1. Right, I can see some cream muffins in your site. Looking nice with weGallery though 😉

      Although they aren’t linked, I think they are shown as full sized. If the image were bigger, it would show thumbnailed sized images I guess.

    2. wow, there’s some seriously delicious looking food on your site… and even better yet with weGallery :p

  3. Hello, Thanks for the work on WeGallery! I have a question, does the gallery only work for admin user and not any other users below admin? I installed it and see the Gallery option while logged in as admin but when I log in as an Author, I do not see the gallery option. Am I missing something?

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