Facebook comment for WordPress: Email notification on new comment

8 thoughts on “Facebook comment for WordPress: Email notification on new comment”

  1. Can you explain the process in step be step, where we need to place those codes. I need it for my blog

      1. @tareq , please can you tell me that in little more brief..

        ok i’ve placed FULL JV COde in footer ,but i dont know which is PHP code ?

        is that , Handling Ajax Requet codes ?

        Please do reply ASAP.

          1. Thanks for the quick reply ,

            If you don’t mind ,

            i’m uaing Elemin Theme by Themify ,
            it has those ” functions.php , footer.php ” files ,

            But where do i have to place the codes ?

            like ” after this code or before this line of code ” , i’m newbie to wordpress from Blogger .

            Hope you would help me in this ..

  2. Hi Tareq, appreciate if you could help us on telling, which part of javascript code that we need to put in, and which part of php code that we need to put in. much appreciated. tq

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  4. This did not work. I added the JS to the bottom of the footer. Saw that it was loaded in the source code.

    thanks anyway.

    also added the function as well

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