Working with IDE One API

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  1. Hi

    I cant seem to figure how to do this.

    I created a subdomain /ide then I added the code above to a .php file edit the username and password bit, but nothing seems to be working..

    Kindly help.
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you! It helped me a lot because I don’t understand how to communicate to Ideone API using SOAP protocol.

    Thank you.
    Happy new year 2012!

  3. Thanks a lot man! I got it working on my end.
    I used their api for our small class project.

    I don’t know ajax, so the result of the submission is posted on a separate page.

    Would you mind making the your example opensource? It’ll really help a lot!


  4. or at least, may you care to share your code for the process.php?
    I really want to implement something just like in your example.

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  5. your sample was very good sir. I really admire your work.
    thank you very much, it helped me understand the ideone api.
    thank you sir.

  6. Hello:
    Locate the files in the www folder and activate the php.ini localhost soap, but to run it shows me the following error:
    Something went wrong


  7. Hi.. My Final Projct is exactly yours ideone-compiler…
    pls help me in ths regard…. i dnt knw hw to use the projct of urs.. its nt compiln anythn to me.. wat chnges to b done to do it compile.. pls in 11th hour…

      1. urs is workn nw sir,, i need in “c” u did in c++,, can i get ur full support in my projct.. just for “c” alone sir

  8. not a fun projct.. my Final Year Degree project.. mark oriented.. save me in ths aspect.. u did for c++, can i knw hw to do for “c”,,, sir need ur kind hlp

  9. i was using api best before some time but it is not working now.
    have ideone closed their server or service ??

  10. Hi,

    I just wanna asked some help hope you wouldn’t mind. I tried you example demo above in my own local PC and it works some of it. But when i tried a simple structure code:
    using namespace std;

    int main ()
    cout << "Hello World!";
    return 0;

    it generates an compiler error info:
    prog.cpp:6:3: error: stray β€˜\’ in program prog.cpp:6:12: warning: missing terminating " character [enabled by default] prog.cpp:6:3: error: missing terminating " character prog.cpp: In function β€˜int main()’: prog.cpp:7:3: error: expected primary-expression before β€˜return’ prog.cpp:7:3: error: expected β€˜;’ before β€˜return’

    i do tried it also in your online demo and it seems the same error occurred. Hope you could help me this one. thanks!

    1. I also had that error but using stripslashes on code did it for me.

      But the problem I am facing at the moment is that it is not working with an input. It returns 403.

  11. I have downloaded your code and changed the username and pass to mine. When I tried it, it stops with “processing” part and i dont get any output. Help pls.

  12. Hi Mr Tareq,

    I need a working code of IDEONE Api, the code which you provided in the github is throwing slash error in the code which i made of to compile But in your demo its working properly. Please me out to work this.

    my mail id Please send me the code of copy which is working properly.


  13. Thanks it worked for me.You are awesome. Can I include it in my minor project? I’m making a Java tutorials website and needs online compiler.

  14. i m getting an error: something went wrong
    can you suggest me where such type of error can occur?

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