Log WordPress outgoing mails for debugging

One thought on “Log WordPress outgoing mails for debugging”

  1. I downloaded your wp user frontend plugin yesterday. I was excited because I have been looking for a plugin like this for a while or rather something like this. I have even been to sites that says hire me and got no response, so I want to tell you first for building it and second I’m having problems.
    I don’t know what it means “Edit” page put url in admin option of plugin, third when you try to link to a word in a post the add link button is not working, and this plugin would be much better if the user can preview its work before submitting. I have been using this plugin on my sample site before I go live with it. I can’t use it or tell anyone about it with out the fixes. Its a cool plugin, aim a little towards the buddypress feel without the social. I have guess post sites.


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