Google Transliteration plugin for WordPress & punBB

16 thoughts on “Google Transliteration plugin for WordPress & punBB”

    1. Actually this plugin is not for comment form. It’s for writing post or pages from the backend and it will only work on HTML mode.

      1. Yes I know now. sorry about my mistake, but this does not work over there. Infact no transliteration plugin is working on my site. I think it has to do some thing with the theme as it also adds lots of JS scripts may be these are overridng some settings. But still I need some solution I dont want to give up the theme as well but would like to have this plugin there too..

  1. Cool !!! Work !!! Dude !!! Awesomely working with wordpress 4.2.4 too. Nice Work… I am Searching for this plugin more than a month.. Just a big breathe came after seeing the output of the plugin.. Thank you so much.. !!!!

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