WP Project Manager, beta version released

7 thoughts on “WP Project Manager, beta version released”

  1. Just love this start to a project manager. It’s seems to be a perfect fit for our internal art department…

    Feature we would need: (Would glady donate)
    – Simple but unlimited Custom form fields to start each project.
    Check Box, Text Field, basics…

    These would not need to work in any way with tasks etc.
    Just to be view-able editable data entries on project.

    Continue the great work!

  2. Hi Tareq,

    the Project Manager plugin is really nice. It’s easy to use and easy to administrate. I test it with one or to fun projects.
    An interface to a Gantt-chart-generator would be great too.

  3. i love the functionality but if you can’t see it on the front end is it usable and this need to be a buddypress integrated plug in because it great for social environment and completing projects. If you made it like event manager fully integrated in Buddy press dashboard streams it would be a plug in that people would buy to upgrade to a pro version.

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