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  1. Your Plugin WP User Frontend causing site very very slow, I checked it by enable or disable plugin, im using super cache, I was using this plugin very smoothly but after wordpress updating WP User Frontend causing site very very slow.
    How can we solve this issue.

    1. Is WP User Frontend relevant to this post? I don’t know, everyone seems to ask about plugin support in any post, that’s weird. Please open a support thread about this issue on support form on wordpress.org. I don’t have a clue what might be causing problems.

  2. Hey Tareq,
    could you go thru the steps in combining these 2 best of best kick starters so I can do the same at any given time with the latest and greatest as these 2 roll out new versions? For example, from your github page ( https://github.com/tareq1988/_bootstraps ), am I getting the 6 mts ago version of the _s and bootstrap? Shouldn’t I be getting the latest and greatest whenever I start out with a parent theme that will be based on _s & bootstrap? Please clarify. I thought – if I know the steps that you go thru when taking -s from its project site and adding/updating boostrap on top it, I’d be on top of them at all times…

  3. I’m also trying to impose Bootstrap, I’ve learned a lot from your theme. Nice work. Thank you very much.

    Just one question, I noticed that you haven’t updated it for a long time. Are you still working on this? Or it’s dead?

    1. I wouldn’t call it as dead. But really it’s hard to sync those all the time. May be you can do that too? Would love to have a pull request 🙂

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