Frontend for WP Project Manager released

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  1. I have been trying to send you a meaasge through the contact form for half an hour now, but it keeps coming up with spammer notification. Can you please contact me on my email, I want to get a quote on a wordpress job. Thanks

  2. thanks for this. have no bought the plugin and is great! is there any way to allow all users to see every projects?

    1. Thats kinda not right in the privacy perspective, isn’t it? Editor and admin levels see every project. Specially it depends on the delete_pages permission. If you give all your users that capability, everyone can see every projects.

      1. We wanted to be open with all our projects so everyone in the company can see the projects and comment on them. But only those involved in the project can edit the projects and receive notifications.

  3. Will you be creating ‘template project’ functionality?

    By a ‘template project’ I mean functionality where a user can define a standardized project and use that template to create new projects.

    Let me know. Thank you.

  4. Is the front-end responsive? Also, will you be adding the project creation from the front-end at some time?


  5. Hello !
    Your plugins are great, good job !

    My questions :
    – do you plan adding an option to change the behavior of links in email ? my site doesn’t allow non-admin user to see the admin panel.
    – are all the project in different URL ? I can see you use shortcode so I guess all the actions are in ajax in the same URL ?

    thanks for your time,

  6. Hi Tareq, I bought your plugin WP User Pro Fronten, but I cant find User Frontend Menu on the dashboard. Can you help me what should I Do?

  7. Hi Tareq, is there anyway to easily removed certain permissions based on user profiles? For instance, “Subscribers” can not add/edit fields, but just see them as read only.

  8. I understand that this is using shortcodes. But are these frontend pages private. Means, can you make it in such a way that only logged in users can see it?

  9. Is there a testing area to try out this front end plugin? if not is there more screenshots for me to see it?
    I basically don’t want customers ever being able to see the wordpress admin panel, so is there enough function in the front-end plugin to allow me to do this? Such as comment on a project, upload a file to the project, view all my comments etc.


    1. Sorry, there isn’t any online demo available. The frontend plugin brings all the functionality you see in the admin panel to frontend. So yes, the can comment on tasks/messages, upload files and everything they could do in admin panel.

  10. So, were the “Recent Comments” widget bugs resolved? Currently the project comments are showing up in the RSS feeds as well as the public Recent Comments.. It might help to hide the RSS, as well as making a custom Recent comments widget that is only visible to logged in user-roles….

    Other than that, I’m trying to make use of this tool for a lot of clients. We like it so far, but it hinders the use of the WP Recent Comments Widget..

  11. Hi,

    I have a WordPress powered intranet called Simple Intranet ( for my company and I have been looking for a while for a good project management solution and think this would be great. Would this plugin be compatible with my Simple Intranet based site?

    1. It should work, the Project Manager plugin is free. So try it first.

      This one is just an add-on for the project manager plugin. It adds the functionality to display the projects in frontend, its not the whole plugin itself.

  12. My backend shows but frontend doesn’t πŸ™ Says “Nothing Found” …I’m the admin and I’ve assigned on a sample project, please help!

  13. Nevermind, it works… I had the shortcode inside “page” which doesn’t work but it works in “post” …I think you should state this key information inside your “readme” document, to avoid frustration.

  14. Hi Tareq,

    I just bought the front end plugin and love it!

    Anyway, Robs’ question remains unanswered and I actually have exactly the same question:
    Is there anyway to easily remove certain permissions based on user profiles? For instance, β€œSubscribers” can not add/edit fields, but just see them as read only.

    Thanks four your answer !

      1. Hi Tareq.

        I was about to purchase the front-end for wp project manager. Should I wait for the pro plugin, or are you now going to have two versions of the front-end plugin?

        Is permission management coming only to the pro version or two both?


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