Dokan – A multi-vendor e-commerce app theme is coming soon…

70 thoughts on “Dokan – A multi-vendor e-commerce app theme is coming soon…”

  1. This looks really great! Will there also be a storefront displaying all items from all vendors, like a marketplace?

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  3. Hello Tareq, I have been trying to personalize the seller page with a few tabs but after setting a picture and the products, I don’t seem to come forward due to the fact that I was not able to create it as a page (obviously not as a product), it only exists via strings. And therefore I cannot seem to add short codes. Is there any short code to bring the preset design into a page?

  4. Compliments, looks fantastic. I’m very curious about the result. Do you use Product Vendors WooCommerce extension or build your own app/plugin completely? On the site of woocommerce is no showcase or demo available from their own extension. This is disappointing because there is a license of $ 79 for a year. So can not wait to see your demo. WordPress with a multivendor ecommerce app or plugin is very unique. Again much success. Gerard from Netherlands

  5. Great work ! I was looking for something like that for a long time. I will be the first one to purshase!

    Just one thing, I really hope there will be a buddypress integration, that way the marketplace will be complete, the integration is possible, and allows a lot of more functionalities (orders show in feeds, contact the seller, support via forum etc). If you do this (whitch is very possible), I think your theme will be the most purshased in the woocommerce category !

  6. Hello
    Looks great,

    -Will it be possible to take a cut or commission from the sales? for example, the seller sells a $10 product, he takes $8 and the admin takes $2

    -If yes, can it be done automatically? (like with Paypal adaptive payments)

    Thank you !

    1. Yes, initially the commission will be cut from the sales. Right now, it’ll be a manual withdraw process. But adaptive payments will come for sure.

  7. Sounds great. Is it possible to also charge vendors per product they host ? Also can each vendor put their own shipping terms, turn around times to deliver a product and specific terms ? Can each vendor customise his store ; if yes to what extent ? how about variable products ? Is that possible to do for each one having a different attribute ?

    1. – Charging will not be the option for now, you can cut a percentage of their sale.
      – Admin needs to define the shipping charges and terms in WooCommerce, so the seller can use that. Seller can’t apply his/her own terms.
      – Seller can change the store banner, may be we’ll put more customisation options in a later update.
      – Yes, variable pricing will be their with their own attributes.
      – BuddyPress integration will be in a later update, not now. What type integration are you looking for?

    1. The same theme is shared by every seller. May be you can customise only the sellers store page. I am not putting much customisation option for that right now, will be in later release. First let us roll out the initial version quickly!

  8. Salam Tareq,

    we can view the item per store (based on the seller) .. my question is can we view the item based on category mix seller, for example if 10 seller sells shirt, the display will be on that category rather than viewing it on seller store front only. If yes, can we customise our main page to display it like


    1. In the WooCommerce store, you can see every sellers product. So thats mixed by default. But if you want to see only a particular sellers product, thats why the seller store page. It’ll be a WordPress theme, your dream is the limit of customisation 😉

    1. hmm, PSD is sure nice to have – but a child theme is easily done without PSD… anyhow, you may have missed the earlybird voucher that was in the release email: dokan-early-bird

      1. i see…but without any sort of customization (psd) wont all Dokan theme stores look the same? also is there any sort of blog option or is what you see what you get?

          1. customization is done through CSS, not PSD. PSD files will not get loaded in the blog and can’t be exported as a template (although I agree, they can be exported as HTML). the easiest is to follow this tutorial by WP ( or maybe tareq can provide a default child theme that can be amended.
            the really awesome thing with Dokan is that it allows sellers to manage their store through a front-end interface that’s easy to use without requiring them to access the WP dashboard. The blogs is apparently not ported to the front, which makes sense considering that they should form part of your identity. but, tareq actually released another plugin which you could potentially use to let others post to your blog from the front-end, wp user frontend.

            i can only highly command tareq on his developments so far and if you are looking for a marketplace theme, i am confident that this is the best one out there.

  9. Nice theme! I’d like to have that option pay per product, this would be great. And seller should be able to place his terms and conditions and shipping options. Do I have to have the wo-commerce shopping cart as well? what happens after 1 year? how much do you charge for update? A site always needs updates. So I dont want to find myself in a situation with no updates.

    1. Currently sellers can’t put the terms and conditions, but it’s on our feature list already. Dokan is based on WooCommerce, so you’ve to install WooCommerce as well.

      After 1 year, you’ve to pay 50% amount of your purchased plan for getting support and update.

  10. Hi, What happens when a customer buys from multiple vendors – is it 1 payment? Also, can we set the commission on a per vendor basis as well as a per vendor product too? As some vendors have different margins in various products and if it is fixed per vendor then they will possibly not list the product.


    1. It’s a single payment and the commission is globally. So currently it’s not possible for per vendor. We are trying to add this feature in next version 🙂

  11. Hi Tareq,

    congrats, I think you have created a great theme with a massive potential, but unfortunately at this point still not worth buying for me as it looks like I will be spending much more to have it done completely.

    Child Theme ?? This is a must for a theme like this. The theme looks pretty complex and i don’t think its just about creating the dokan-child folder and style.css file.
    It should be done by developer who actually developed the theme.

    Product Import ?? Do you actually expect the sellers to add products one by one ? forget it. There are plugins for the bulk import of course, but all of them work from the back-end. Since you allow sellers to list their items from the front-end, is this going to work ?
    I would not mind purchasing and extra plugin, but i would need to know that it’s compatible.

    Otherwise thumbs up, but i will wait with purchasing the licence. Cheers ..

    1. I am actually working on it to bring child themes and child theme compatibility. I know it’s must have feature.

      Thanks for the idea of the import. I’ll look into this.

      Continuously new features and add-ons are being released. So may be we are moving at the right direction 🙂

  12. Hi Tareq,

    many thanks for your reply, that is great to hear. Please keep us posted, i’ll be happy to get the licence once the update is up.
    As per the import feature and to make your research a little easier, I’ve tested the major players, WP All Import probably works the best, very intuitive and user friendly comparing to the others. And the addon to the plugin takes care of importing custom types such as products.

    All the best !

  13. I would buy right now if

    1) buddypress was integrated
    2) user product import
    3) Social Sharing was on there
    4) Also Social Discounts for sharing
    5) Adaptive payments

    1. 1. How do you propose BuddyPress integration should be? Shoot me an email with requirements at tareq at
      2) We have plans for this as an add-on.
      3) Will be integrated in next version
      4) May be as an add-on. Not for now.
      5) Adaptive payments is already released.

  14. Hi Tareq,

    I can see you have now released the Per Product Shipping add-on. That’s great, that makes the theme even more interesting.

    I have a question though. I can see you can set the individual countries the product will ship to. But would you also be able to setup the Shipping Zones ?

    So for example you have a product that you’re willing to ship to all the countries in Europe for the same price.

    Instead of choosing all the countries individually and then ending up with a list of 100 countries which would be really time consuming, admin could set-up the shipping zones with pre-defined countries in it.

    The seller then just chooses the shipping zone, for example Europe, Asia etc.


  15. Is it possible to sell the same product for all the store but the store have their unique look and feel like just one store, not like amazone

  16. multivendor:few questions :
    1.when user buys three products from three sellers, will email notification will go to three sellers for the order for only their products?
    2 can we not show sellers details on the seller page , ( i wish to comment)
    3. what will make it complete , which all plug in needs to be bought?
    4. cart and order : will mention each selles name/ id against the product
    5. any theme that includes all

  17. multi vendor email issue:

    when customer order products multipal vendor then vendor got only product name not variable(like:color,size etc).

    please help

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