A new starter theme – _bootstraps

Another starter theme. Yes, another WordPress starter theme, based on another starter theme, oh yeah!!! It’s called _bootstraps = bootstrap + _s.

You ask, why? Because I’ve built countless times the same thing when creating a theme. I don’t want to do this anymore. Creating the theme or download _s, make it right for bootstrap, fix the codes at functions.php as I want to be simple and object oriented, an options panel, all the repeating tasks needs to end.

What it offers?

Nothing special that much:

  • Based on _s
  • Based on bootstrap
  • A simple theme options panel, based on my Settings API class
  • Two column (content – span8, sidebar – span4)
  • One navigation menu. Yes, it’s styled, you don’t have to write css for this fracking menubar again.
  • Pagination
  • Font Awesome
  • Responsiveness by default

Show me?



7 thoughts on “A new starter theme – _bootstraps

  1. Your Plugin WP User Frontend causing site very very slow, I checked it by enable or disable plugin, im using super cache, I was using this plugin very smoothly but after wordpress updating WP User Frontend causing site very very slow.
    How can we solve this issue.

    • Is WP User Frontend relevant to this post? I don’t know, everyone seems to ask about plugin support in any post, that’s weird. Please open a support thread about this issue on support form on wordpress.org. I don’t have a clue what might be causing problems.

  2. Hey Tareq,
    could you go thru the steps in combining these 2 best of best kick starters so I can do the same at any given time with the latest and greatest as these 2 roll out new versions? For example, from your github page ( https://github.com/tareq1988/_bootstraps ), am I getting the 6 mts ago version of the _s and bootstrap? Shouldn’t I be getting the latest and greatest whenever I start out with a parent theme that will be based on _s & bootstrap? Please clarify. I thought – if I know the steps that you go thru when taking -s from its project site and adding/updating boostrap on top it, I’d be on top of them at all times…

  3. I’m also trying to impose Bootstrap, I’ve learned a lot from your theme. Nice work. Thank you very much.

    Just one question, I noticed that you haven’t updated it for a long time. Are you still working on this? Or it’s dead?

    • I wouldn’t call it as dead. But really it’s hard to sync those all the time. May be you can do that too? Would love to have a pull request :)

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