Importing joomla from localhost to server

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  1. I did all you said and was ok..But 🙂 when I go to “Please click here to open JoomlaPack Installer restore script in a new window.” and it said “Unable to connect to MySQL Database”..what should I do?? In host name I put localhost in user root and in password root database name joomla

  2. what is the size of your pack after backup? Does this matches against your localhost site size? I mean, if your site size 20 MB, your packed size is around of it?

  3. No, I have unlimited size and my backup is 32..But I am not sure am I doing correct procedure..I just click on back up now and only upload the backup file (.jpa) and kickstart to my host…Do I need to create database or jomlapack has done this for me :)…I don’t know what username and password to put, what name of MYSql base to pu etc…where from do I need to get this parametres..thanks for helping me 🙂

  4. Please download this JoomlaPackNativeTool and check your *.jpa file. You can extract your *.jpa file with this. Then watch the files. Here should be the same files as in your joomla directory. If you see any missing file/directory here, then possibly u made any mistake when backing up. ReCheck everything. It might help you 🙂

  5. Dear Admin!
    I am very new, i did every thing till the last stage
    (run the file and follow the instruction. Then you are done) Please what do you mean by this statement

    1. When you will run the file, the script will produce some events like giving the username, password etc. Follow them and joomla will be installed in your server.

  6. i used akeeba backup ank kickstart.php.
    at localhost(my home computer every thing works great) but to upload
    and extract on the server it is tedious and not feasible at all.
    any other option is also helpful

    i did as described and i was hopeful,but when i run the script it says “invalid ajax data.”.
    would you help solve this ?
    your help is appreciated?

    thank you !!!

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