Installing hackintosh iATKOS v7 (Mac OS X leopard 10.5.8) on Dell Inspiron 1545 and my experience

16 thoughts on “Installing hackintosh iATKOS v7 (Mac OS X leopard 10.5.8) on Dell Inspiron 1545 and my experience”

  1. হে হে, আপনার পোস্ট টা পড়ে ভালো লাগলো। যদিও ম্যাক ট্রাই করার ইচ্ছা নাই। 😛

  2. yaki.. easyBCD works g8t. !! but after Booting about 3 times..when u add any other partition and attempt to boot an OS unsuccefully,…You fall in a reboot loop for ever…

  3. I have been having this problem with Bangla fonts since I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Writing with Ekushey works fine and viewing stuff written with Ekushey works fine too, but a lot of the bengali websites just hangs the application (Safari, Chrome, even vim). I did restart right after installing the fonts but still the problem is there. I did some investigation, and it looks like as long as I have the Rupali font installed, this hang happens. If I remove the ttf file, it defaults to some other Unicode font that cant render properly, not boxes but weird spaces between characters and incorrect juktakhkhor. Any of you guys have seen this probelm or know anything about this? Just try any of the following webpages:


  4. Hey! I tried to install iAtkos v7, and I’m having the same problem as you. I’m running windows. Is there anything I can do?

        1. but, then built-in chameleon will not install properly. you have to install it manually. I myself also use a extended logical partition but my boot entries are created with easybcd.

          1. I installed it both on primary and logical partition, but never was able to setup the chameleon loader. Btw, I removed Mac after some days. As the display problem never solved, I got 1024×768 resolution, which looks ugly in my wide screen.

  5. there is an utility named ‘Lizard’. you can change your resolution easily with that. also it can update the chameleon loader automatically and many other things. if you ever install iAtkos again. then, never forget to give that small piece of **** a try 😉

  6. Just an hour ago I’ve started to download Kalaway ( Thanks to Saif Hasan ) . After term final going to do some experiment with it 🙂

    I am afraid about graphics , Anyway can Mac read Ext3/4 filesystems? I’ve only two ex3 filesystem in my pc .

    Thanks for post 🙂

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