Create your own phone synchronisation server

12 thoughts on “Create your own phone synchronisation server”

  1. having trouble installing it. Uploded that archive, extracted, renamed it to mob. Then created and imported the database, modified the config.php. But cannot access it. Is still says File not found 🙁

    1. It will not show you any info. You will see the page always blank. Access that page with your mobile phones synchronisation feature. If it’s successful or have any errors, you will find everything in the log file.

  2. Could you tell us, how you added another user?
    I could not create a password that worked, used md5 for encoding, but authentication never worked… 🙁

    1. I tried it on my Siemens CX70 and that worked. One of my friend tried on Nokia, but with no luck. I don’t know if it only works on Siemens or not 😛

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