Bought Amazon Kindle for E-Book reading

22 thoughts on “Bought Amazon Kindle for E-Book reading”

  1. Still there is no match for the PAPER-BOOK! 😀 I’ve tried with Kindle and iPad, but did not find the amazing flavor of PAPER-BOOK! May be I am too old fashioned. 🙁

    BTW… congrats for having your first ebook reader!

    1. Thanks 🙂

      Paper book is paper book, but kindle is near to paper book experience and I didn’t expected comment so fast 😛

      BTW, is not anyone goes to IRC now a days? I miss our adda 🙁

      1. Notified via buzz! 😛 That’s explain the fastness of the comment.

        I am really busy now a days. So I can’t go there regularly. Last Week me, CrysisGod, ST, Ekushey, tanjir_ca were there… coincidentally!

  2. One of the major drawbacks is the e-ink screens do not usually have backlight. It is impossible to read in dark. Only for this reason, I will prefer LCD screen readers.

  3. Yup, the E-INK is just amazing. One of my colleague in Leevio has one kindle and it gives stunningly similar feelings of reading a paper book 🙂 Loved it.

    And btw, congratulations for owning such a beautiful gadget 😀

  4. Hi tareq,
    I bought a kindle voyage .
    But I can not load books in it.
    can you please help me in this regard or can you give me the contact of any professional who can help me?

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