WooCommerce Add to Cart Redirect to Checkout

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  1. Tareq,

    Thanks for this. I’ve been searching high and low for a variation on this. Specifically, I want normal Woocommerce functionality for all products presented in the store. (They go into cart but user is not directed to checkout.) But I also want some of those products to also to have long-form WordPress sales pages external to Woocommerce with Buy Now buttons that just put the product in the cart and redirect right to the checkout page.

    Put another way, I want to sell the same products two different ways: 1) as a normal part of the store/cart/checkout/ shopping process and 2) as part of a sales funnel where the visitor is not even aware of other products or a store construct.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. (Caveat: I know enough about coding to make myself dangerous!)


  2. Thanks Tareq,
    I am using add-to-cart=product-ID which works fine and the product is added to the cart. However, I don’t know why the amount is not shown on the checkout page. I would like to see both the total amount that client has to pay (cart amount and items) and the Place Order or Check Out on the same page. Is that possible? Your help is appreciated.

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