A new plugin to import posts from facebook groups

Often I get frustrated with facebook groups. Lots of good and active groups are there like PHPXPerts, WordPressians, Advanced WP and lots of questions gets posted over there and answers too. But everyone knows, facebook search sucks big time. Those questions gets in black-hole (literally) over time and it’s hard to find them when you need it.

Facebook group to WordPress import

Few days ago, in a discussion in Advanced WP group, I noticed the recent posts from the group were displayed in their official site (now the feature is removed). I was like, wow! Thats what I wanted to do for groups for a long time. Later figured out, the plugin that was showing the recent facebook group posts are saving the data in a json file in its plugin folder and just showing them. So no searching can be done over here, you’ve to just see them. And I didn’t find any suitable plugin that imports posts from facebook groups and inserts them in a WordPress site so that those posts can be indexed and searchable.

Although I was busy, but that couldn’t stop my excitement in that particular moment. So started to write a new plugin for importing the group posts and within 2 hours, my plugin was pretty much ready. The plugin imports posts from a facebook group in every hour and inserts them as a custom post type.

What it does & doesn’t

  • Imports from facebook group and inserts as fb_group_post post type
  • No chance for duplication
  • It doesn’t import comments (yet)
  • Runs hourly via WordPress cron system
  • Doesn’t import historical posts (yet)
  • Adds group id, author name and ID, post link as post meta

Room for improments

  • Import comments too
  • Import historical (paginated) posts

If you want to contribute on this project, you are more than welcome.

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22 thoughts on “A new plugin to import posts from facebook groups

  1. This great… Been looking for something like this for a while! I’m going to have to test it out and let you know if I run into any problems/how I like it.

    Any chance we will have the ability to set it to pull posts quicker than every 1 hour? Say.. every 1 minute? Or a custom interval (e.g., 5 min, 10 min, 30 min, etc)?

  2. Tried it but failed. The posts appear as a page but when viewed give “file not found”. Wouldn’t it be better to create a new category of ordinary posts “fb-posts” and put them in as ordinary posts? (although author details could be a problem)….how do I display the Fb-posts?? Importing author images?

  3. It would be nice if later on this plugin could grab the post, store it as a product, use the hashtags in the message as the category, and then use the whole message as a description of the product. Just a thought.

  4. Once its installed and importing posts how do we show the group posts on the Blog
    So far its importing but can’t find a way to show them.

  5. Tarek, would there be a paid version of this? Would be interested. One additional OPTION of importing comments (Selectively). Testing the plugin, Haven’t seen anything imported yet.

  6. I have created a facebook App, but not working – is there a step-by-step guide to create a facebook app for this plugin?

  7. Take it all back (there was an issue with the setting of the facebook group). It is working, after looking into the tutorials of other tools – Pretty cool!!! Thanks!

    Just not sure where the posts are going. I can see them under FB posts as published, but when I click on the link, then I get: “Page not found” (e.g. http://oxrdscouts.org/fb-post/still-not-working/) – any idea?

  8. Take it back: working now (not sure what I changed though)…. still not displaying on the blog post pages …. only sperate

  9. its working in my case , my question its : JUST FOR ONE GROUP ? :))
    If i want to import from more then one … what solution i have ? Thanks

    • Yeah, one group. To import from more group, right now setup multiple sites or customize the plugin to import from more groups (PS: I am not available for hire).

  10. Ok , then where u are available ? :) I prefer to import for more groups in the same time ! Can u tell me why its not option to publish direcly on first page ? Thanks , good job ! Show must go on !

  11. Great Plugin! It works for me. But I can’t see the posts when I go to a category. Of course I have been associated the post to this category. Any tips?

  12. i’m using WordPress 4.3.1, API version 2.2, instal plugin, follow instruction, but, nothing happen to my site. Fyi, i grab from active group. Some help please..

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