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  1. Hi Tareq,

    first of all – great plugin idea!

    I downloaded your plugin and installed it on a fresh wordpress blog. I did everything exactly as described, added pages with correct shortcode, changed permalink structure to /%postname%/ but only the add-new form shows up on the frontend. I checked every step twice. I couldnt figure out why this is happening but im pretty sure i did everything right 🙂 (wordpress version 3.04).

    Any Suggestions, Hints, Solutions regarding this issue? I would like to use this very useful plugin. When i can help you solving this problem just let me know.


  2. wow, quick reply 🙂

    Yes indeed, On the Dashboard, Edit Profile and Edit Posts Pages i only see the Shortcode f.e. [wpfu_editprofile] on the Edit Profile Page. The Add-New-Post Page with the [wpfu_addpost] Shortcode works perfect.

    1. argh!! Thanks for pointing it here.

      I was wondering while coding that I might be mistaken about wpuf and wpfu. Where WPUF = WP User Frontend. And yeah, I am mistaken, lol 😛

      I made mistake about giving the instructions about shortcode, because it was a mistake about uf and fu. And there is another thing, I also made mistake in the original code in the “Add New”, so this wrong instruction was working there and others not. Oh god, it’s hilarious 😀

      I think you got my point. I am correcting this faults ASAP and thanks again 🙂

      1. Hey,

        glad to hear that a typo was the “case” 🙂

        I have to thank you for your quick reply and the “easy” solution 😉 Now you have a new fan and i believe the community will love your plugin too – Keep up the good work!

      2. Ah, I do see you have a screenshot of the dashboard module… though I don’t see that in my installation of the plugin: for either the admin or the user.

        The “Edit Page URL” setting is set.

      3. Man, am I dope. I missed the dashboard shortcode / page instructions… Tareq, you rock.

  3. hi
    please change the description on

    in your code
    shortcode must be in version 0.1

    so please update plugin code or instruction

    and one more thing

    on page wpuf_editprofile
    when user is not logged in i have an error

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at Z:\home\WP\www\blabla\wp-content\themes\blabla\page.php:11) in Z:\home\WP\www\blabla\wp-includes\pluggable.php on line 890

    may be it’s my mistake

    PS. sorry for my English

    1. I already updated the source code and the readme.txt file. May be it’s not updated by wordpress yet, but it will be updated shortly I think.

      You got an warning, not error. I don’t get any warning, may be it’s a problem of your theme itself.

  4. I am fetching a problem. On the user pages the function is working 3 times. Two times above the header and one time is on the right place.
    Edit Post, New Post, Dashboard and Edit Profile, al are excuting the code 3 times. What to do?

    1. Oh great, I have found the problem.
      This is not a problem of this plugin. Another two plugin, SFC – Like Button and SFC – Share Button were conflicting with it.
      Now my site is working cool.
      Wish you continue the development of the great plugin. 🙂

  5. On the new post page i was wondering if you are going to add things such as img insert buttons and such much like the backend editor.

  6. I think you should now work on to integrate a rich text editor on the post editing page. You can try CKEditor. I am suggesting it because it has self media upload plugin. So you wouldn’t work on media upload separately.
    Tareq vai, ajaira ekta poramorso dilam, please rag koiren na. 😛

  7. Excellent freaking plugin. Only had one issue, came here.. and it just made me laugh. Thanks so much for this. I hope you get rich, because this has been needed for a LOOONG time.

  8. I think the best practice to add a Rich Text Editor is simply adding a JS over the shortcode so it’s lighter and used only within post typ. Try NicEditor.

    1. I am trying to integrate the default tinymce from wp backend in the textarea. The next version update will have
      * Attachment upload support
      * Rich text editor
      * plugin hooks so that other plugins can add and manage their own fields to this plugin 🙂

    1. The problem is you didn’t select any post to edit. Select it from the dashboard. You should hide the “Edit” page from the menu bar.

      1. Hi Tareq,

        I’m sorry, but I’m missing how the user can edit his/her posts from the front end. Should there be an “edit” link added to his/her posts that is only viewable by that person?

        Or is the process something else…?

        You mention “select it from the dashboard” above:
        – meaning the admin selects it from the admin area? I wasn’t able to do that.
        – how about the person who created the post?

        Except for my misunderstanding of this issue: great work on this plugin! Thank you!

  9. Thanks Tareq, that was helpful.

    Another question,

    What about editing Custome Fields of a post, can this be done ?



    1. Thanks for the link. But I figured out already to use the default tinymce in the frontend. Using tinymce in admin area is quite easy, not in the frontend. But who cares 😛

  10. Hi Tareq,

    Can You elaborate,

    How can I edit post post custom fields within your plugin ?

    Thanks in advance,


      1. Hey Tareq,

        great plugin you have there. Thank you!

        Adding custom fields would be excellent! I’m losing my mind here trying to figure out how to add custom fields to the front end. It works fine from the back end to front end. But the other way around is a mission. When is the future release?


        1. Thanks Mia for appreciating 🙂

          Adding custom field is not a big deal I think 😛
          But I’m hell busy right now to improve the features 🙁

          1. They answered you right. May be the problem is you don’t understand wordpress well.

            Anyway, after the form submission, when the post successfully inserts by wp_insert_post(), it returns the post id. After getting the post id, you need to call add_post_meta($post_id, 'name-of-custom-field', $customFieldPostValue, true); This will insert post meta to that post

      2. Custom fields would really be cool. I would appreciate this addition so I can add: Business Name, Business Telephone, etc.

        keep up the great work!


  11. Your first WordPress plugin is really very good !
    I miss a lot the publish date field (it can only publish immediately and I need to publish at given dates because I use the simile timeline plugin)
    I wait for your next version with image support !
    Best regards from France

  12. When a user is not logged in and attempts to view any of the pages I get this error:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /usr/www/users/dmotion/wheresthefairness/wp-content/themes/wheresthefairness/dashboard.php:8) in /usr/www/users/dmotion/wheresthefairness/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 890

      1. Hi, its me again. I get the same error as Lynne, i believe it has something todo with your plugin, at least with the shortcode templates. I get this error on line :5 when i try to access the generated the plugin pages (dashboard, add, edit, and profile) when iam not logged in. Line 5 is by the way “nocache_headers();”

        1. I fixed it using is_user_logged_in, but I use a custom template.

          If you know how to use custom templates that just
          call this code with your content:

          It works well.

          1. The code I put in the code tags didn’t
            show up.. hmm..

            (less than)?php
            if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {
            } else {
            echo ‘Please log in or sign up.’;
            ?(greater than)

          2. Tried it today, header already sent warning disappers with your code lynne. But know when ich try to access the pages when iam logged in, i get a blank white screen 😛

            Here is my code for the custom page template:

            Sie sind nicht angemeldet. <a href="/login/">Jetzt anmelden!

  13. I used Gravity form in sahityo(dot)com for posting from frontend. And Theme Profiler for editing profile without backend. Anyway, I’ll try your awesome release and post my comment here soon 🙂

  14. Tariq,

    Very good plugin which – I promise – will be tried and studied in-depth! A quick wish though – possibility for a user to upload her own images or attachments to the post. No need to be fancy, just an upload feature for the add post page, and options to remove an image for the edit page.

    I think this would be more useful than custom fields.

    BTW, cool comments form on this site, with animated labels and captcha. What WP plugin is this?

    1. Thanks for appreciating and sharing your thoughts. I will look into this 🙂

      BTW, my name is Tareq not Tariq.

      Animated lebels in comment form is not some plugin. I am using a custom jQuery solution. For captcha, I’m using ReCaptcha plugin.

  15. Hey Tareq,

    First I want to thank you for this super awesome plugin, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    Second I want to say.

    Where does the user created post end up?

    On my page it says:
    post published succesfully.

    But when I look for it, it’s no where to be found.

    What might be causing this problem?

    1. Thanks for appreciating the plugin.

      When you create any post, it should display in the dashboard. Or you can find the post on your wp-admin backend.

  16. Great Plugin!! Someone is finally getting around to fixing WordPress’ major flaw… sending users to the admin backend to post with no easy way of customizing the backend theme!! But since WordPress seems to believe this is just fine and dandy… we are stuck trying to feel our way around it.

    There is one major flaw I came across with this plugin though, and that is not having the ability to upload and set the featured image. So naturally people trying to post will try to use HTML code… and when that happens… look out!

    I put a simple text link to Google in the post to see if it would accept HTML and it blew my theme’s sidebar off the page!!! Not good! So I hope there will be an update very soon, the backend posting is too complicated for most internet users and they will simply move to another blog site which makes it easier.

  17. Great plugin thanks! But I would need a visual editor, I tried to put it but I can not. I look forward to the new version! 🙂

    1. WordPress seems to be short on frontend wysiwygs, but I managed to do it with this plugin using Just paste the code on the front page into your header and all textareas are rich text editors. However it looks a bit cookie unless you edit the CSS a bit.

  18. I was wondering if there were any plans on implementing custom post type? Maybe using a short code value.. IE: [wpuf_addpost custom_posttye=”Featured”] or maybe there’s an easy way for me to do it myself? This is the best plug in for what we need, but we also have many things for users to contribute from the frontend, and we need to parse the posts somehow

  19. Tareq,

    You are a genius! Finally a brilliantly simple solution to user front end WP!!! So many plugins for custom post types, custom fields, write panels, front end quick posts and on and on and on – but nothing that integrates so well the user “account” experience to the front end (e.g. post, edit, dashboard, profile). As you integrate new features, this really becomes “Front End Manage User Account Plugin”!!! Really well done!!! I URGE YOU TO MAKE A PRIORITY to add an ‘edit/add custom fields” functionality as soon as possible (even before attachment upload or text-editor. There are other plugins that perform these tasks that already work well with your plugin at least in the themes that I have tested). Most developers, in my opinion, who would now favor your plugin have been custom coding forms/database table work for their clients. (I see that you already dealt with a request from Mia on Jan 22, 2011 @3:33 pm). I will wait to see your next version & hope that you have had the time to get to custom fields. Well done!

    1. Hi Jim, Thanks for the complements. I’m working on the next version. Too many work loads are delaying the project. Hope to complete the new version with bunch of new features that you guys want.

  20. Hi Tareq,

    thank you for this wonderful and hard needed plugin!
    I’ve got one problem and am absolutely clueless ehy this error occurs.
    On all pages i published for the plugin and added the shortcode of WP-UF the content appears twice. To article submit forms, to times the profile edit edit fields and so one. The content is doubled under the regular appearance.

    Thank you for your support!

    1. I have no clue for this kind of error. May be some plugin is conflicting with this one. Try disabling every plugin and test it.

  21. Hey Tareq,

    thanks for the plugin! Is there any chance to get a look at your current development version inclusing WYSIWYG, media uploads and post-meta? (say for post images)?

    I think I could really use your plugin, but I’d need to customize it heavily to work, would be great if there was no need to duplicate things you already looked into…

    Two features I believe would be useful would be :

    a) option to do it by shortcodes or automatic creation of the admin pages as a hidden custom post type and adding the admin links to the WP 3.1 admin bar.
    b) option to not use the form form for editing pending posts and just show it to allow using scribus Front End editor for already posted content.

    Also, if there’s a simple answer to this question – the profile editing in the front end works nicely for the default profile fiels, but even though this local avatar form is displayed nicely in the frontend, it’s impossible to submit a file from there. Why do you think that is?

    Thanks, man!

  22. Hey again,

    there’s a \bug\ in your profile editing form – well, not really a bug, it’s just that WP 3.1 has added new fields to indicate whether the admin bar should be rendered or not for a specific user. Since the checkboxes aren’t present in the dataset you send to WP from the custom form (even though it seems largely copied from the backend) WP 3.1 will stop rendering the admin bar for every user who updates their profile from the front end, until they check those checkboxes again in the backend. I wonder if there isn’t a better way to update individual user_meta items without overwriting the entire set causing this kind of problem?

    1. Hey – may I suggest to treat user data and user meta data separately through wp_update_user() and update_user_meta() instead of passing the entire array to edit_user(id). That way changes in the backend would not lead to the above problem if the remaining backend variables aren’t included as hidden variables in the FORM submitted from the front end.

  23. great plugin. Im making some modification like adding custom fields and ckeditor. It works nice. When Im finished will post the details. Also inserting attachments is possible just cant complete editing of the attachment. Tareq please change the shortcodes on wordpress from wpfu to wpuf, its ridiculous

  24. Im am new, and not familiar with php. My problem is that when a user views one of his or her posts, there is an edit link at the bottom of the page that still links to the wp dashboard. Is there a way to get this to direct them to the front end edit page? Same goes for the admin bar. I have disabled it so that it does not show for now, but would like them to have it & direct them to their front end pages.

    1. It comes with your theme. You are the admin, so you see the edit page link. Normal users don’t see it. If you want to disable, you need to remove the line from your theme.

  25. Hi Tareq,

    Do you know when the image attachment feature will be incoporated into the plugin too? its the best plugin i have seen so far! great work!

  26. hi tareg

    i got this error message when access the profile page

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function selected() in /home/a4154459/public_html/client/demo/wp-content/plugins/wp-user-frontend/wpuf-editprofile.php on line 102

    please advice

  27. hi tareg

    if i remove this code <option id="” value=””display_name, $item ); ?>> .

    it seems there is a problem displaying “Display name publicly as” options.

    please advice

  28. Love this plugin on my blog – but I can’t get it to work under WPMU multisite network.

    So my users cannot use this plugin to post their own blog on their own blogsite in the network.

    Is there a work-around?

    1. The dashboard and edit profile works perfectly fine in editing user’s dash/profile, but it won’t post on user’s blog in the multisite network.

      I compared the codes and it seems dashboard/profile actually gets user’s info and updating it, while add post do not do that. Is this the reason why add post is not working for multisite and any workaround?

      1. If in your next version you can make it multisite compatible it would be awesome (posting and editing, everything else works)!

        I know lots of people are looking for this – your plugin fulfills everything except the posting for multisite member blogs.

        Hopefully you can have it compatible in your next update! =)

  29. Great Plugin Tareq! Just what I needed for my project. Thanks a lot – I looked for a long time to find a plugin that functions this way.

    I have a small problem though, regarding registered users confirmation emails which are not being delivered. The admin notification however is being delivered fine. I use the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin to enable smtp emails and the test works great so I can only assume that the function to send the user registration confirmation is broken but I cant find it in your plugin. Can you tell me how this works please and where the code would be? Is it in core perhaps?


    1. Wups – You can remove my comment as its not related to your plugin at all! my bad 🙂 – PS great plugin though *grins

  30. Hello Tareq,

    Thanks for this useful plugin.

    However, i have tried many themes and keep getting this error:

    wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 897

    Can i ask what theme you are using?


  31. Hi Tareq
    Very useful plugin. I am relatively new to WordPress and am trying to put together a club website with user registering online. I was looking for another CMS script that I could use because of the registration problem but then came across your plugin which I think will solve my problems.

    A question about new registrations and login;
    New users are directed to the WordPress login page when they click on the registration page. Is this correct and is there a way I can edit the wordpress login/registration page to confirm more to my website. Even removing the wordpress logo would be a help.

  32. Thanks Tareq for the quick response. The Theme My Login plugin seems to do the trick. This plugin seems to duplicate the [wpuf_editprofile]part of your plugin.

    One other questions is there a way I can add extra fields to the users profile which we would like to use in our club setup.

  33. Hi Tareq,
    Firstly, from what I can see, I love our plugin already, thank you.
    However I’m struggling to get the dashboard/profile/edit and new post pages to work properly as I am still getting the default wp layout when clicking on the links. I’m sure I have done something wrong here, but here is my set up at the moment:

    Custom Structure: /http:/ (the radio box)

    Page: Edit – Shortcode: [wpuf_edit]
    Page: New Post – Shortcode: [wpfu_addpost]
    Page: Dashboard – Shortcode:[wpuf_dashboard]
    Page: Profile – Shortcode:[wpuf_editprofile]

    Here is my site:

    I would be ever so grateful if you could help me out with this one…Im desperate to use your plugin!

    1. Hi Sarah, use permalink structure as /%postname%/ and read the instructions given here in the post. May be you are missing some shortcode typo. Try it once again 🙂

  34. hi,
    first of all i must say, hats off to you for the great plugin. i am completely new to wordpress and having a tough time fixing the issues. right now add new post, dashboard and profile is working fine.
    i hv 3 doubt.
    1. in admin side i get a message
    “You need to set your permalink custom structure to at least contain /%postname%/ before WP User Frontend will work properly.” i am clueless how to solve it.
    i open Permalink Settings and there i hv selected the default option.
    i tried putting in Custom Structure but then the new post, dashboard or profile nothing works. the url changes to and i get page not found error. by selecting the default option the pages are working fine but i get the msg i mentioned.

    2. when i click the edit option in the menu, the page loads but i get a msg “invalid id”

    3. the dashboard shows the posts perfectly along with the edit and delete options but, when i click edit or delete option nothing happens, (delete does prompt for confirmation)

    please guide me,
    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Sarika, Thanks for trying my plugin.
      (1) use permalink structure as /%postname%/ only. Your problem will be solved.
      (2) You should hide the “Edit” page, because that page is used for editing your page and it expects a post id to edit.
      (3) Go to the admin panel option of “wp user frontend” and give your “Edit” page location in the settings. Then you’ll be able to edit/delete your pages.

      Hope that’ll solve your problem 🙂

  35. hi,
    thanks for your reply…
    sorry to say, but the problem dint get solved 🙁
    in Permalink Settings i selected Custom Structure and added /%postname%/ to the text field, but now the url in front end shows as “blog/new-post/” and “/blog/dashboard/” and it says page not found. even the post are not opening, as the url changed from “blog/?p=86” to “blog/testing/” (testing is the title of the post). so now only the main page open for rest all it says page not found 🙁 🙁

    1. hey solved it…. was my mistake…. dint upload the .htaccess file to server. everything is workinf perfectly fine…
      a billion thanks to you, for making the plugin and for the prompt support
      god bless you dear

    1. Changing the permalink is only for SEO reasons, if it works on your system without changing the permalink, that’s fine, but you’ll see a notice in admin panel, that’s it 😛

  36. Hi Tareq
    Congratulations on a fantastic plugin, and thank you.
    One question – is there any way I can customise the posts that show depending on category or similar?
    On my website, users have accepted legal terms which are stored as posts in a ‘Legal’ category. I do not wish for users to be able to see/edit/delete these posts along with their other content posts…
    Thanks in advance

    1. Yeah, it’s possible. You need to customize the dashboard part of the plugin to show from a specific category.

      1. That’s great news thanks Tareq. Are you able to give me some guidance on how to do this? I’m not experienced when it’s comes to the coding side of things.
        I need to achieve one of two options:
        1. remove a specific category of posts from the dashboard
        2. disable the edit / delete functions for a ‘legal’ category of post while leaving it enabled for a ‘product’ category.

        If you are able to guide me on how to do this I would be most appreciative.
        Thanks in advance.

  37. Hi!
    Thanks for the plugin! Too bad it doesn’t support custom fields! =(


  38. Hi Tareq
    Thak for this plugin. I’m going to use in a new comunity site.
    only one questions
    I have a user rol , that only must approve(publish) o reject a Post form other user.
    Is there any way to use something like a dashboard with out edit permisions.
    I’ve been testing user role plug in but this user only can see a post, not modify them.

    Is there any way to do that?
    Thank in advance

  39. Hi Tareq,
    Can you take a look at this

    I’m working on custom post type, custom taxonomies and custom fields with your plugin.
    explode method don’t works with custom taxonomies. I can’t insert multiple input value for custom taxonomies input fields.
    I can’t find error. I’m not PHP programmer. So I would really appreciate you if you point out that issue.


  40. how do i change the function wpuf_add_post_shorcode() {
    wpuf_auth_redirect_login(); // if not logged in, redirect to login page
    add_action('wp_footer', 'wpuf_post_form_style');

    to instead of the default wordpress login? as im using a “themed login” alternative, i want this for “new post”,”profile”,”dashboard”,”edit post” also.
    many thanks,simon.

  41. when is the next update release ? p.s i figured out the problem in my last comment.

    Feature request: rich text editor, insert images into post with alignment+featured image setting, hubpages style seperate fields for H2/H3 headings, required fields such as H2/H3 headings,image,image alts etc..

    this would turn wordpress in into a full blown squidoo clone!

  42. hi, i have same question of simon.

    how do i change the function wpuf_add_post_shorcode() {
    wpuf_auth_redirect_login(); // if not logged in, redirect to login page
    add_action(‘wp_footer’, ‘wpuf_post_form_style’);

    to redirect to my main page?
    grat plugin, you save my job! lol

    And how i can remove category select from my form?

  43. Hi Tareq,

    Was wondering if you or other users found anything out about the headers already sent warning? “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent”

    I get it when loggedout even with untouched TwentyTen theme and latest WP.

    Tareq, I wonder if you aren’t seeing it because you have your server settings to not display warning messages?

    Thanks much!

  44. Nice plugin, really useful is there any way to include an image attachment to the post created in front-end? It will be useful to attach the post image.

  45. I would also like to know how to use this page
    and if the developer would answer our questions

    1. Create a new Page “Edit” for editing posts and insert shorcode [wpuf_edit]

      The URL of this page will be the edit page url.

  46. I did it

    I created a new page
    I inserted the code

    but what is the logic that when I edit a page it will open this page I created?

    1. Maybe You miss the use of this plugin, This plugin was made for you (or your users) to make post directly from your front-end, most of the times this could be useful if you have authors and don’t want them to check the back-end of your site. There’s no extra options it is just created to Post directly from front-end, for advanced moderation you have the back-end.

  47. is there any possibility of having a place in the frontend
    let us know when you get new comments or articles submitted by users?

      1. a new update for your plugin

        somewhere in the frontend
        show to the admin or moderators when you get new comments and articles to be released or not

  48. Fantastic plugin, works perfectly on my site.

    I don’t want to remove the category drop down box, but instead hide some categories from it – so registered users can only post to my chosen categories.

    Thanks in advanced Tareq.

    1. ..for anyone wanting to know how, edit the and replace:


      (the numbers representing the category ID’s)

    2. replace:


      (the numbers representing the category ID’s)
      Edit: soz, missed out the code tags

  49. I am stumbled on 1 thing thou, I’ve tried many different variations but to no avail – so I need your coding genius to help me out on this 1:

    How can I implement a link to set a featured image on the user front end post?

    1. I know it has something to do with this line of code:



    2. maybe there’s a simple bit of shortcode to set an image within a post after posting to set it as the featured image.. I can’t find anything thou.

        1. Sure did, half works as I forgot images need to be hosted on your own server for featured images to work. But I found a work around 🙂

          Ta Tareq

  50. He probably reffers to the fact that theres no option in your plugin to attach an image from front-end and this option could be very useful.

  51. is one of my tuts about dropping in images/featured image in a post from front end form. Maybe you can use it to add to the above? Here’s the thing I haven’t been able to get to…. I have no idea how to preview the image, or how to allow for frontend editing which can work with the image. I’m not all that code versed…..

    1. nearly got full WYSIWYG working, just got the javascript pulled in to turn textareas into WYSIWYG on the page.. only problem is that it doesnt post now.

      So close yet so far.

  52. Hi Tareq,

    How do I add the form to add an article outside of a page generated by WordPress?

    I tried to put this code:

    The tests were made ​​with the administrator account.

    Thanks in advanced.

  53. Tareq,

    I got a WYSIWYG editor working with your frontend plugin but it played havoc with the rest of my wordpress site so I had to remove it, my coding skills are a little scappy to say the least.

    Let’s work together and build this into verson 1.0:

    This will be the iceing on the cake, this plugin is already fantastic and I’d love to see it even better.

    1. congratulations for your ideia, is great.

      I’m wainting for results and use it.

  54. Hi Tareq,

    first of all, very nice work. I tried to make a featured image upload for it with the insert_attachment function, but It wasn’t the result, I was looking for. The images that was attached couldn’t be cropped and wasn’t editable from the admin area and so on.
    I have tried to make it working with the help of this tutorial

    Im now sitting for about one week on it and it makes me more and more headaches. I musst say i am not a programmer i am, more the designer.

    It would be grate when the next plugin update has the possibility to upload a featured Image that can be maybe even changed over the post-edit. Because I like the basics of the plugin I would love to use it for my page.

    Greetings chris

  55. salam tareq ….. very good plugin bro. i was searching this kind of plugins for log time. today i needed it again so i found yours plugin.

    very good sites you made, in your profile page.

    thanks again

  56. Tareq:

    I emailed you back in March that your plugin is genius WP work in its simplicity (not to mention the coding, of course, which obviously took valuable time). You have given WP site designers something they have never had before (from the WP directory) for a traditional WP blog experience, namely a seamless user-post “front end-to back-end account”. Yes, similar applications could be found in Classifieds, Directory & of course, Buddypress plugins, for example, but these are different “user experiences” whereas your plugin stays true to WP- blogging/posting. It seemed that WP always noted security issues and media file management (pre-3.0) as issues that prevented a plugin like yours in the past. It seems you have overcome these challenges.

    Anyway – the purpose of this email is to strongly encourage you to complete your upgrade that you mentioned back in January/2011 complete with image attachment, custom fields and third party plugin etc… At least to the best of your ability.

    There are now reportedly a number of plugin developments underway that appear to build on the real excitement your plugin has created. One in particular is working to enable WP front end posting for mobile, pad, touch and smartphone application.

    I strongly believe that your plugin can open the door to numerous cups of coffee donations if you can get it to the point where it is THE plugin of choice with the “in demand” functions.

    Everyone – support Tareq! Good luck.

  57. Incredible plugin!

    Is there any way to add a location/ address field that would connect to a Google Maps plugin on the post? This would make my day!

  58. Hi Tareq,

    thanks for your plugin, however it seems there is a security hole. It looks like I can edit other people’s posts.

    I have two users who have created two different posts. If I go directly to the edit URL of the other person’s post eg http://servername/edit-page?pid=xxx where xxx = other person’s post. It allows me to edit it.

    Do you agree? Or am I missing something?

    The only checking I can see is

    if (get_option(‘wpuf_can_edit_post’) == ‘yes’) {

    in the wpuf-edit-post.php

    many thanks for your time


    1. I have fixed this by manually editing the wpuf-edit-post.php to say

      if($curpost && ($curpost->post_author == $user_ID)) {
      } else {
      $error = “Invalid post”;

        1. Great Job Richard

          I can confirm that this hack fixed the potential security breach situation for me.

          Tareq I think you should bring out V0.2. Or why not fix that header problem then you can officially make it V1 for this great plugin. 🙂

  59. Hi, Have found your plugin really easy to use. Only one small issue. How can I get the user to login straight to their dashboard?

    I found if they are not logged in, the dashboard & profile page errors as follows:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/cypress8/public_html/ in /home/cypress8/public_html/ on line 897

    Is there a way these pages can show login pages if the user is not logged in? and when they login directs them straight to their dashboard? I am comfortable with wordpress but not js. Thanks for your help!

    1. Thanks for the great plugin.

      I also have a similar problem, although it only come up when the user tries to change thier password in the Profile Admin page containing the [wpuf_editprofile] shortcode. About 20 lines of:

      “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …/shiword/mobile/single.php:5) in …/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 754”

      Then the confirmation message and the rest of the User Admin form. After that everything works fine, the password was changed and the error message no longer appears. (I guess there is just a little glitch between this plugin and my chosen theme. Nothing major, just very annoying.)

  60. Hi ,

    your plug in was excactly what i needed, but i have a problem.
    After the activation, i create a new page and i put the hook , as you write in the installation guide, unfortunately, when i choose the link, i notice that the edit profile page is echoed 3 times? How can i fix it?


  61. Hi Tareq,

    i wonder if you still develop your plugin. As i quoted in earlier comments, there is still a big issue with the “header already sent” warning. Fresh wordpress install – twentyeleven theme and your plugin only. Unregistered Users see nothing except the warning, and we could say this warning is like an error cause it stops everything. I tried Lynns workaround (page template) but this only gives me a blank page when iam logged in.

    Couldnt find a solution in the comments or documentation and request help – or at least a short quote if you plan to solve this “problem”.

    Thanks and Regards!

    1. Ok – seems like this “issue” happens only on my localhost – tried it on live server and it seems to work like it schould! Sorry for “maybe” bothering you ^^

  62. Hi,

    I have the same problem as Shannon Cox (above, 15 Sept.).
    The following message apears about 20 times after I used to plugin created profile page to change my password:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/maxalter/public_html/wpmmbrtest/wp-content/themes/twentyten/header.php:12) in /home/maxalter/public_html/wpmmbrtest/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 769

    Below the series of messages, the profile fields display OK again.

    Please let me know what I have to do to cure this problem.

    Many yhanks


  63. are you still developing this plugin. There are security issues like said before. If I go directly to the edit URL of the other person’s post eg http://servername/edit-page?pid=xxx where xxx = other person’s post. It allows me to edit it. Also header already sent warning occurs. last, if an unregistered user want to call one of these pages, login redirect does not function. they only see a blank page.

  64. Sorry, I have to correct myself. There is only a field to enter text when you write a post in the frontend. I would like to offer a plain editor as you have in the comments function of wordpress. So users can also enter a link.

  65. Hi,

    I am trying to use the front end plugin to work alongside the Blog categories for groups plugin in Buddypress. What i need is for users to be able to publish the posts that they have already written, when they originally create a post it is saved as a draft so when they go to their dashboard it is OFFLINE, how can I make these existing posts LIVE, without having to manually go in and OK them in the backend? I would like for them to be able to publish these posts that they have already created for themselves.

    1. There is no method to publish existing posts that are draft/pending. But when they are posting new posts, you can set the post status to “publish”, so that those new posts are “live” instantly.

  66. Love the plugin but got a couple problems. I am using WP 3.3.1 (used on 3.3 too till recent update) and I have the following issues:

    1). When you using your plugin my wp admin gets very slow loading, when I disable your plugin it loads fast again.

    2). Most important problem: when I use your plugin myself and users keep having to login in to the site over and over anytime they or I change any settings or anything.

    Any help for these problems, especially #2 is much appreciated, thank you in advance.

      1. hmmm, no suggestions as to why it would keep logging people out? That’s what I am asking, I know you probably couldn’t reproduce it unless you install everything I have installed. What would be some reasons it would do this, what are some things I could look for changing or etc to fix the problem?


        1. Lets review what my plugin does:
          1. In the admin area, it just adds a config page to save the config like other plugins. Nothing big, so no problem should be in the admin area.

          2. When you are not logged in and accessing the page (like: new post), it redirects you to login page. Or if you are logged in, nothing happens, you only see the post form.

          As the plugin only does a little thing, so I can’t guess what possibly could go wrong with these simple options.

  67. hello my site is wordpress ver. 3.3.1

    doesnt work WordPress User Frontend Version 0.2

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-includes\post-template.php on line 30

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\wp-user-frontend\wpuf-functions.php on line 477

    this is plugin great .please help me.

    Greetings from Turkey. 🙂

        1. I have commited the latest version with the fix in WordPress plugin repo. It might take some time to update those files. Anyway, you can download the latest code from the Github repository (link is on the post).

  68. I love your plugin idea, unfortunately I can’t get it to work in my WP 3.2.1.

    In your installation directions #5 says: Correct the permalink structure of your wordpress installation.

    What do you mean “Correct”? The permalink structure I’m using is /%category%/%postname%/. If I change that, won’t all my off-page links like those on facebook and twitter break?

    What exactly does the permalink structure need to be? The default?

    #7 says: 7. Insert Subscribe2 page at frontend [wpuf_subscribe2]. What does that mean? Does that mean create a page called “Subscribe2” add the short code and then include that page in my navigation? When I do that all I get is a page that shows “[wpuf_subscribe2]”. Nothing else.

    Please help.


    1. You permalink should be ok with my plugin. Cause it needs a nice URL structure and you have it.

      The subscribe2 was a modification for a client. I forgot to remove that from the readme 😛

  69. Hi, Tareq, your plugin is amazing! It’s the only plugin which can do all that i always wanted for my site, but i’ve encountered a couple of problems.
    All settings are right (I followed your instructions) but when I click on publish button a “404 error” page appears! This happens only with new post page, but dashboard page and profile page are fully functional, so that’s impossible to public posts. Another thing, when i try to use edit page a “error invalid post Id” appears, why?
    I’m using WordPress 3.3.1.

  70. tareq thank you 404 fix. plugin working.

    I have some problems.

    Article editing does not work
    Attachment article does not work

    After the article is submitted. A message may. “awaiting approval” in the form.

    1. Yeah, the 404 is fixed now.

      Did you set the “Edit page” setting on the admin area?

      Editing and attachment is working fine here. Tested with WordPress version 3.3

    1. The idea is to attach files/images to the post and it works. But as you are thinking, they aren’t inserted in the original post, they are attached to the post as attachment. You can view the attachment on the “Media” area of admin panel.

        1. Use this code in single.php where you want to show the images
          $args = array(
          ‘post_type’ => ‘attachment’,
          ‘numberposts’ => null,
          ‘post_status’ => null,
          ‘post_parent’ => $post->ID
          $attachments = get_posts($args);
          if ($attachments) {
          foreach ($attachments as $attachment) {
          echo wp_get_attachment_image($attachment->ID, ‘medium’);

          1. Add to automatic
            more logical.
            everyone because it adds pictures
            this code in single.php old article duplicate pictures in is two times.

            click to send the article to “sent” or “pending approval.” can be expressed as.

  71. Still can’t get it to work
    On the Edit screen I see a error message that says:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_editor() in /home/content/mysitestuff/mysitestuff/mysitestuff/mysitestuff/wp-content/plugins/wp-user-frontend/wpuf-edit-post.php on line 111

    The Dashboard page works
    The Profile page works

    On the New post screen:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_editor() in /home/content/mysitestuff/mysitestuff/mysitestuff/mysitestuff/wp-content/plugins/wp-user-frontend/wpuf-add-post.php on line 75

    On Subscribe2 Screen all I see is


    On the Author admin screen I see all the posts from me (the admin)

    Please help


  72. Grate plugin…
    pity that it does not work …
    I use twentyeleven theme wp 3.3.1.

    I have an error if I enter the post 404

    “This is Somewhat embarrassing, is not it?
    It Seems we can not find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching, or one of the links below, can help ”

    I have already created custom fields and custom Taxonomyes with other plugins … how can I insert into the writing?

    Thank you.

      1. Great!
        now it works!

        second question …
        I use several plugins to create Custom Fields and Taxonomies:
        Advanced Custom Fields: for custom field… (I created a custom repeater field to load the images) etc…
        Easy Content Types: for Custom Taxonomy.

        How can I make these choices appear when I write a new article on the frontend?


        1. You have to create custom fields from the WP User Frontend plugin settings. Currently there is no support to add custom taxonomies from the backend, will support soon.

          1. ok … but …
            The image upload not working. When I try to upload images (using the option provided in wpuf) the article is not published.

            Question 01:
            I found the call “wp_dropdown_categories” in wpuf-add-post.php file and I plugged in my taxonomy in the options: (‘class = show_option_none =… … & cat = & my_taxonomy_name taxonomy’).
            On the “add new post” I see a new dropdown options with my_taxonomy but when I publish the post this option is not included.

            What function should be inserted to make it work?

            Question 02:
            I created a custom fields (using the option provided in wpuf) type “text box” but how do I display it in?

            Question 03:
            There is no way to also enter the custom fields created by other plugins (es. Advanced Custom Fields)? From my backend are visible and working.

            Thank you for your answers and your patience.

  73. Super plugin but I can’t seem to get the image upload part to work.
    It stops the entire post and won’t go any further.
    If I leave the image upload field empty it does post the content though.
    Seems abit strange :\

  74. I’m testing the custom fields in 0.2 (from your Github today on a fresh wp3.3 install).

    I can enter data in a custom field with ‘new post’. I cannot save updates to the data in the custom fields with ‘edit’.

    Maybe update_post_meta got left out of wpuf_edit_user.php?

    I’m enjoying your plugin, and it’s getting very close to being exactly what I need!

  75. Did you give up on me? You didn’t respond to my post. Maybe it’s possible that another plugin is in conflict with yours.

    1. Sorry, I forgot to respond you. You have to upgrade to the newest WordPress version. The plugin uses some functions that are not in the old versions.

  76. great plugin

    able to enter title and description to post.

    but if attach an image, it does not go further.

    please advice.

  77. great plugin.

    able to enter title and description to post.

    but if attach an image, it does not go further.

    please advice.

    1. I am not sure whats the cause behind this, but in my side it’s uploading successfully.
      What do you mean by it doesn’t go further? The plugin gets some PHP errors or the uploaded image doesn’t show up?
      Please mention your WordPress version, OS and browser version

      1. I have the same issue.
        This is how it goes for me . . .
        I can make a post perfectly from the front end if I don’t select an image, However, when I do attach one and click submit it will reload the page and the form will be blank. Then after checking the backend for media uploads or even a post nothing has gone through.
        WordPress 3.3.1.
        Google Chrome 16.0.912.75
        Windows 7

        1. I managed to fix my problem XD
          fairly easy too.
          I found that I hadn’t entered a max file size. Once I did that it seems to have started working 🙂
          Give that a go Ivan. Should make it stop 🙂
          Just managed to upload 8 image attachments in one post so It’s working brilliant now 🙂

          1. Oh, yeah. There is a hidden thing here, form validation is handled with JavaScript. If any validation fails in server side, it won’t show for some architectural reason. So it got the attachment validation error and loaded the page again having errors in it, although errors are not shown.

  78. installed plugin, looks great on the backend, but cannot get it to work, I get title box, category drop down and then everything else in the form is missing, including the submit button, any help appreciated,

  79. Tareq:

    I can use custom fields and add data to them with a new post, but I cannot update the data in the custom fields when I edit and resubmit the post. (Data in title and description are updated, but not custom field data).

    I’m using your 0.2 version from Github on wp 3.3.

    Any ideas how to get the custom field data to update?

      1. You’ve made me a very happy man, Tareq. Thanks!

        Would it be possible to have all textarea fields use the rich text editor?

        1. Everyone doesn’t want rich textarea for every field. So if you need that, you’ve to edit the plugin to achieve that.

  80. Hey Tareq,
    Just had a thought . . .
    Maybe look at implementing a captcha code to prevent abit of spam.
    I know you can set posts to be set to approval mode but it could still be spammed 🙂

  81. sorry me again, is there a way to prevent different user levels from being able to add posts, the same as they would in the dashboard,

    1. There isn’t anything like this in the plugin however I can provide you with a code which if you run the short code from the template file can be used to only show the form to a certain user level.
      You will of course have to wait till monday when I’m back in the office (UK time).

      1. Ok Amt27,
        Here is the code I said I would provide a few days ago 🙂

        roles)) { //if the user roles is set as administrator it will echo "Welcome 'Username'" followed by the form
        echo 'Welcome, '.$user->display_name.'You are an administrator';
        echo do_shortcode('[wpuf_addpost]'); //does the shortcode.
        elseif(in_array('dealer', $current_user->roles)) {
        echo 'Welcome, '.$user->display_name.'You are an dealer';
        elseif(in_array('private', $current_user->roles)) {
        echo 'Welcome, '.$user->display_name.'You are a private user'; //If a user isn't logged in it will show "you are currently not logged in"
        echo 'You are currently not logged in';}

        If you need anymore help drop me an email to

        1. if ( is_user_logged_in() ) { //Checks to make sure a user is logged in
          global $current_user;
          if(in_array('administrator', $current_user->roles)) { //if the user roles is set as administrator it will echo "Welcome 'Username'" followed by the form
          echo 'Welcome, '.$user->display_name.'You are an administrator';
          echo do_shortcode('[wpuf_addpost]'); //does the shortcode.
          elseif(in_array('dealer', $current_user->roles)) {
          echo 'Welcome, '.$user->display_name.'You are an dealer';
          elseif(in_array('private', $current_user->roles)) {
          echo 'Welcome, '.$user->display_name.'You are a private user'; //If a user isn't logged in it will show "you are currently not logged in"
          echo 'You are currently not logged in';}

          Pasted weird :S

  82. Problem with rich text editor. I create a new post and use the visual editor to enter an unordered list of bulleted items (just an example). I save the post, then go to the dashboard and edit the post.

    The problem: the edit page displays the content in the visual editor as html, not as a bulleted list. The html editor displays entities rather than the html. I checked the database and the content is stored as html.

    How do I make the visual editor display the formatted content rather than the html?

    Thanks, Tarek. Using wp3.3 and your 0.5 from Github today.

    1. Also get this error at the bottom of the edit page:

      Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘wpuf_post_form_style’ not found or invalid function name in /localhost/wpuf/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 405


      1. Hi,
        the problem was not with CSS.
        I have deleted all , (to remove the bullets) and changed all to (to move all descriptions on top) in wpuf-add-post.php.
        And now it looks like here:
        I think you should do the same to your new update.
        Enjoy! 🙂

        1. Sorry, I saw that all codes are gone. Here is the good description what I have done:

          I have deleted all , (to remove the bullets) and changed all to (to move all descriptions on top) in wpuf-add-post.php.

          1. Sorry one more time. Don’t know how to insert code into the comment.
            I just deleted all li and changed all float:left; to clear.

  83. Thanks soo much for this plugin, i am using S2members and i couldn’t get their plugin to show all the profile fields on the front side of the site. So this has helped me out a great deal.

  84. I can’t get the plugin to work, it will not let the user upload a post. and it truncate the page when you try to post a look. any suggestion?

  85. I works fine if you are the administrator, but any other role it pulls in the media form with the site image on it. Please help, I love this plugin and would really like to use it!

    1. are you trying to post using a subscriber account ?
      Not too sure if that would affect the plugin but it’s worth a shot 🙂

    2. In WordPress, subscribers doesn’t have the capability to upload files. You can use the “role scopper” plugin add the “upload_files” capability to subscribers.

  86. Hello Tareq,
    thanks for quick response, I’ll try to figure out what wrong with my theme CSS..

    I have one more question. Is it somehow possible to do not let the registered used to access the photos from media library which was not uploaded by them? Now they are accessing all the files in the media library when trying to add a post.
    Or maybe there could be an option to do not access the library at all, Just to upload the new files for each post or to give a link to the image..?

      1. Hm.. So you mean that subscribers can not access media library tool bar, but for example authors can..?

        1. Try this. Paste it in your theme functions.php . This code will hide the gallery and the library tab whom are below of editor role

          function wpuf_media_upload_tabs( $tab ) {

          if( ! current_user_can(‘edit_pages’ ) ) {
          unset( $tab[‘gallery’] );
          unset( $tab[‘library’] );

          return $tab;
          add_filter(‘media_upload_tabs’, ‘wpuf_media_upload_tabs’ );

  87. Is it possible to edit which fields show up on the edit profile page? There are only a few fields that i need members to edit.

    1. You can edit the wpuf-editprofile.php file and remove the fields you don’t like. But everytime when you’ll update the plugin, you’ll lost the modifications.

  88. Interesting issue: I’ve added a bunch of posts and go to the wpuf dashboard to see the list of my posts. I expect the most recent post to be at top, but it isn’t. It’s somewhere in the middle.

    I checked Posts in the back end and they show in the same order as the front end dash, with most recent in the middle. Clicking the Date column heading, I discovered that WP sorts the posts by the text that displays “4 hours ago” … “15 minutes ago”. All of the hours come first, then the minutes, each in numerical order. I’m guessing “days” would come first but I don’t have any.

    Is this a WP bug? Is there a different way to sort the wpuf dash?

    Thanks for your great work, Tarek. I’m very close to a workable product!

    1. OK, it’s not your plugin and it’s not WP. I just realized I changed the timezone setting from the default to my current timezone during the day today.

      I checked in phpmyadmin and post_date seems to be set based on the user’s current timezone. The post_date_gmt stores an accurate time sequence. Doubt this will matter much for anyone once the timezone is set.

      Thanks, Tarek

  89. Hi Tareq!

    First of all thanks for the awesome plugin, definitely going to donate a cup of coffee for you 🙂

    Anyway, I wonder if is possible to place a edit button straight into wp loop that enables user to edit the post from the frontend. Just like in twenty eleven theres a edit button after each post or page. Is it possible to make similar button which takes us editing the post from the front end?

    1. yet another thing. I created a new post with a picture in it, everything ok. Now, when I tried to edit the post, the image isn’t showing in the visual editor, only the code shows up.

  90. Hello!

    First off, love the plugin!
    i’ve installed it and it worked just as i wanted.But found a bug =(

    If I delete an attachemnt and THEN edit the post again I get a error message from wordpress (Breaks my template after header and wraps the page in a new HTML tag whit the message: Are you sure you want to do this?)

    I can delete multiple attachment but when i try to edit a post after deleting an attachment it will break.

    My PHP skills are not great but i think it has something to do with the nounce maybe?

    Thank you again for the great plugin!

  91. Hi Tareq,
    i’ve made a page called Profile where i put the [wpuf_editprofile] code.
    When i change something, the plugin works fine… except for the password.. when i try to change the pwd, it returns this error:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at ……

    The password changes, anyway, but i have the page full of this errors. What can it be?

  92. Hello!

    I just tried you plugin and downloaded the latest version from github. When I open a page containing the [wpuf_addpost] as a user, I see the edit-boxes for “title” the category-dropdown-list but the description-memo-box is not shown. Istead of this I see:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_editor() in /mnt/webf/b0/53/53151353/htdocs/WordPress_01/wp-content/plugins/wp-user-frontend/wpuf-add-post.php on line 87

    I am using WordPress Version 3.2.1. Do you have an idea what’s wrong?


    1. Hi Tareq!

      Thank you for this advice! Now the error has gone. But I have another issue:

      I navigate to a page that has [wpuf_addpost] in the page-text. Then I log on as USER1 and create a post that is successfully saved.

      Now I navigate to a page that has [wpuf_edit] in the page-text. Then I get the message “Error: Invalid post id”.

      I just want to have each user be able to add exactly one post and edit / update it by logging on to wordpress using his user-name.

      Do you have an idea what I’m doing wrong?


      1. hi Tareq,

        first, I wanted to thank you for this wonderful plugin. Right now, you’re my hero.

        but Im also experiencing the same problem as Robert has, “Error: Invalid post id” appeared.

        Also, when a user went to his “dashboard” and click onto his post’s “edit” button, it seems that nothing happens.

        Any suggestions on how to resolve these issues?
        Again, thank you very very much.


  93. Hi, I love this plugin! It’s exactly what I needed! I’m new to wordpress and plugins. I set the plugin up…I think…And when I went to test as a new user I get you’re not able to access the back end. Did I miss a step from linking the back end registration to have only users see the front end?

    Thank you!

  94. Hello Tareq,

    awesome plugin, and i’m really thinking about using this in my site, and if everything works out i consider of buying you a beer , but one thing bothers me. Maybe i just didn’t found an answer on forum, or maybe no one had problem like this. I want to let users to post pictures on my site using WordPress User Frontend plugin, but if i set Contend Editor type to “plain text” then the only way to add photo is by attachments and this doesn’t work for me. If i set “rich text”, then my registered users (authors) get this message: :Access Denied. Your site administrator has blocked your access to the WordPress back-office.” Of course the solution would be to set “Admin area access” admin,authors etc. but in that case they will be able to reach dashboard (they will be able to edit, delete their own posts, and browse my media files etc, which i don;t want to.. Is there any way to use rich text form for image uploading, and meanwhile disabling the users to access dashboard? And also disabling them to see media library while uploading pictures? Let me know, thank you.

    1. There are some workaround for this issue. As long the feature doesn’t come by default to this plugin, try the codes below in your theme functions.php and select “All Access” in the plugin options in backend. This code will block users from accessing the backend, but they will be able to upload files and the uploader gallery and library tab will be hidden

      * Block users who are less than editor role and current page not media upload
      * @author Tareq Hasan (
      function block_admin_upload() {
      global $pagenow;

      if( ! current_user_can(‘edit_pages’ ) && $pagenow != ‘media-upload.php’ && $pagenow != ‘async-upload.php’ && $pagenow != ‘admin-ajax.php’ ) {
      //wp_die( ‘Blocked’ );
      wp_redirect( home_url() );

      add_action( ‘admin_init’, ‘block_admin_upload’ );

      * remove gallery and library tab for who are less than editor role and
      * current page not media upload
      * @author Tareq Hasan (
      function wpuf_media_upload_tabs( $tab ) {

      if( ! current_user_can(‘edit_pages’ ) ) {
      unset( $tab[‘gallery’] );
      unset( $tab[‘library’] );

      return $tab;
      add_filter(‘media_upload_tabs’, ‘wpuf_media_upload_tabs’ );

      1. Thanks for quick reply, looks like a good code, but it’s not doing what it’s supposed to. First of all, i don’t know much about programing languages. All i did, simply copy-pasted your code in (theme) functions.php, i tried to paste it in several places that i though it should fit there, but nothing happens. When i log in as author, i still can see those two tabs, and i can access backend and delete all the gallery items etc. I believe it’s my fault that i’m doing something wrong. Maybe there’s a specific line where your code should be pasted?

        I’m using my custom theme generated with Artisteer software,
        Wordpress 3.3.1
        PHP version 5.2.6-1+lenny16
        Don’t know what more information you might need.

          1. New registered account type is set to “Author”.
            I double checked trough user menu that the user i am testing is “author”. Still no luck. Don’t know what i am doing wrong..

          2. A little bit more info: i noticed that your code works on standard wordpress theme (twenty ten). I looks like that the theme i am using php is written in a little bit different style:
            if (!function_exists('get_next_comments_link')) {
            function get_next_comments_link($label)
            return ob_get_clean();

            How can i integrate your code in theme like this?

      2. I be damned.. Doesn’t work on my tempalte… Maybe i’m inserting it wrong? Any chance that anyone could take a look at my functions.php file?

  95. Hello Tareq,
    one more issue. I have registered as a author, created new post. Then I have logged in as administrator and added some tags for that post (for other users adding tags function is restricted). Then I logged in as author again and edited the post and all tags was gone.
    I think it’s because the tags are restricted in front end. But it would be great that editing the post wouldn’t do anything to the tags, because I have several extra function on my website related with tags and there are a lot of other plugins and themes which are using different functions with tags.
    Is it possible to fix somehow..?
    I see that I’ll need to buy you several cups of coffee after my salary 🙂

    1. It can be fixed, as there are no filter given right now, you’ve to edit the plugin and remove a single line from wpuf-edit-post.php. See the line number 211 'tags_input' => $tags and remove that line.

  96. Thanks for your reply Tareq. I am facing one more weird problem, whenever i choose category in dropdown menu while writing any post, it redirects the page to that category posts page. Means suppose if i choose blogger from dropdown menu, the page get redirected to post published in blogger category itself. What to do? And facing this problem too which Tom just explained at . Thanks

      1. There was not any plugin conflicting with it. It was a widget of categories in sidebar (When activated with dropdown option) which was creating this issue. I yesterday gone mad hunting which plugin was interfering with it. And removing that widget solved the problem.

  97. Hey Tareq,
    Just a quick question so I can figure out if this is my doings 😛
    When I go to manage an add and I have drop down boxes none of the information is shown so say I have 4 drop down lists and they should each show which one is selected. none of them do which means I have to go through and re select each option in the drop downs.
    Was this something I have broken or wasn’t it included in the plugin ?
    Thanks again 🙂

        1. Sorry for messing this all up but it doesn’t seem to be accepting my code :S
          I’ll post it it normally
          `<select name="field; ?>”>
          values );
          if ( is_array( $options ) ) {
          foreach ($options as $opt) {

          $opt = trim( strip_tags( $opt ) );
          if ( $selectedvalue == $opt ) {
          $select = ‘selected=”selected”‘;}else{$select = ”;}
          echo “$opt”;
          ` fingers crossed that worked 🙂

          1. Nope :’)
            not one bit 🙁
            would you be able to just clean up my comments please?
            Feel like I’ve made a mess on the list 😛

  98. Few more issues:
    1. Is it somehow possible to show the subcategories at wpuf-edit-post? I’m using dropdown selector, but it shows only main categories.
    2. If I do not allow authors to access admin area they are also not accessing the media uploader through the front ended rich text editor. To solve that I decided to use some extra roles managment plugin and found Adminize – (great solution to hide admin bar at the front end)
    So may question – are there any other functions which should leave accesible for authors except adding posts, editing posts and media uploader that your plugin still work properly? Or maybe there is another simplier way how to just allow authors to acces media uploader while admin area is restricted?

    1. Sorry, made mistake regarding the 1st issue. I see subcategories on while editing posts, but I don’t see them while adding new post.

  99. Looks like solved the 1st issue. Just copied from wpuf-edit-post.php line 99:
    show_option_none=– Select –&hierarchical=1&hide_empty=0&orderby=id&show_count=0&title_li=&use_desc_for_title=1&class=cat requiredField&exclude=’ . $exclude . ‘&selected=’ . $selected
    To wpuf-add-post.php line 69 instead of:
    show_option_none=– Select –&hierarchical=1&hide_empty=0&orderby=name&name=category[]&id=cat&show_count=0&title_li=&use_desc_for_title=1&class=cat requiredField&depth=1&exclude=’ . $exclude

    Will everything else work properly? 🙂

    1. The category select in add post form is ajax driven. It works fine, may be there are other javascript errors in your site. And that broke the category dropdown. Anyway, as you’ve modified it, it should also work without problem.

      1. Hmm.. But I don’t think that there could be any difference between the edit page in my website and in add new post page. But anyway – it’s working.
        Just one more small problem – the categories in the dropdown are ordered according something else than in my website. I’m using the Category Order plugin – Could it be because of it?
        Maybe I should change something in this code to start ordering according this plugin:
        show_option_none=– Select –&hierarchical=1&hide_empty=0&orderby=id&show_count=0&title_li=&use_desc_for_title=1&class=cat requiredField&exclude=’ . $exclude . ‘&selected=’ . $selected

        I think orderby=id should be changed to something else..?

      1. oh well.. i entered
        ID)) as $category) { ?>
        somewhere in the dashboard php file.

        thanks Tareq 🙂

  100. hmmm… when editing the password on edit-profile a
    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at C:\xampp\htdocs\light\wp-includes\class.wp-styles.php:92) in C:\xampp\htdocs\light\wp-includes\pluggable.php on line xxx

  101. IS there any file in your plugin where i can add more buttons to rich editor??? Like to add justify button or font family button?

    1. you may need to make some alterations too your template file.
      Below is the code from one of Tareq’s previous posts . . .
      (Fingers crossed it lets me post it properly :\ )

      'numberposts' => null,
      'post_status' => null,
      'post_parent' => $post->ID
      $attachments = get_posts($args);
      if ($attachments) {
      foreach ($attachments as $attachment) {
      echo wp_get_attachment_image($attachment->ID, 'medium');

  102. HI Tareq. Firstly may I see this is an awesome plugin. Beautifully built and super easy to use. I have one problem with the plugin which maybe you can help.

    If a user creates a post on the front end and adds for example 2-3 image files for upload, only one of them appears in the post under the featured image. There is no record of the other uploads or where they are. Am I missing something or is there additional code which should be implemented for all attachments to be linked to a post?

    Many thanks and best wishes. Jasper

    1. Only one image sets and featured. Other images can be found on the “Media” section on wp-admin. They are also attached to post. You just need to show it. I’ve given the code here in a comment above. Try to add that to show all the images.

      1. HI Taraq. Many thanks. However, I cant see the code you’re referring to, to show all the attachments. Can you paste it here? Many thanks. Best, Jasper

  103. Hi —
    Would love to check-out and see your plugin work — but I install and get nothing…. no interface, no nothing.

    Is it that it doesn’t work in a WP Multisite installation?

  104. Hi – great work.

    I have latest code from github and latest WP.

    All seems good, except when I go to edit a post from the dashboard all the fields are empty – anyone else getting this?


  105. however, perhaps I do have a real question – the guide seems to suggest that images uploaded are added as featured image – I don’t see that option when uploading and images “inserted into post” are added inline – I would love to save using the featured image option – and style things myself later..

    Did I miss how this works again?


    1. Only one image sets and featured. Other images can be found on the “Media” section on wp-admin. They are also attached to post. You just need to show it. I’ve given the code here in a comment above. Try to add that to show all the images.

      1. thanks – but then after uploading, do I need to select “insert into post” – or not – if not, would be great to have an indication of the image selected and a way to edit / remove it..


        1. In the WordPress media uploader, when you upload a file when writing a post, it automatically linked to that post. You can see that on media section admin page. But in this case, the file/image will not show up in the post content. But a custom query can be written to fetch those images/files. When you click “insert into post”, the file automatically adds to the post content and it shows up directly without any customisation or coding.

  106. There is also a difference in how the categories are presented in the new post and edit post pages.

    When adding the nice ajax boxes allow you to drill down to pick sub categories – however a post is saved in both the eventual category and all parent categories – when editing only the top parent category is shown – but the simple dropdown allows the correct child category now to be selected and this seems to be saved correctly.

    1. umm…yes. When Adding the posts, the category option is ajaxified. I’ve not included that in the edit section. As only one category can be selected at once, only one selected. You can call that a bug 😉

  107. Is there a way of predefining which category the post is going to be written in? I have users that I only want to post in a certain category and I do not trust them with a dropdown list to select the right category (I just know that posts are going to end up in the wrong place). It would be neat to embed it in the shortcode system, ie. [wpuf_addpost limit_cat=”2″] or something like it.

      1. That is great, but unfortunately it’s not going to solve the issue at hand. I need to be able to predefine the category for several instances of your plugin. I will see If I can solve it with custom post types.

  108. Hey Tareq,
    Is there anyway I can submit work to this project for you (no idea how to use Github :’) )
    Also a question . .
    I have had to code an input field straight into wpuf-edit-post.php and I have it updating fine.
    I’m just trying to get the value from the post but any code I try doesn’t seem to work.
    Do you know how I can get a certain custom field from the post and echo it in a hidden input?

    1. The only way I can accept using github right now. You should really learn using Git. It’s a Version Control System (VCS) or alternatively called as Source Code Management (SCM) system. May be you are not realising it’s importance, but someday you’ll feel (I learned with a hard way 😉 ). Numerous video tutorial can be found.

      You can get any custom field value by this: ID, ‘meta_key_name’, true ); ?>

      1. Guess I best get learning 🙂
        My fix is only minor but it is helpful in the end 🙂

        I have tried that line of code too and I get nothing back 🙁

      2. Pretty much the same question as before but the category name.
        I keep trying to use the code from wordpress support site but no luck 🙁

  109. This is a brilliant start, really fantastic!

    One issue I seem to be having that I can’t seem to get sorted is the post date editing feature. I’ve enable it in the back end but no matter what I try with publish/pending/draft, the edited date doesn’t seem to take hold. It could be an issue with my theme (i’m using a theme that sets event start times based on post publish date/time link) I suppose but I’m curious if anyone else is having this issue?

  110. Hi Tareq, First, I want to thank you for this wonderful plugin.

    I’ ve installed “Content Scheduler” plugin ( This will limit a post to be published on a certain time frame, after it expired I set the post to be on the “pending” state. My dilemma… Is there a way, or a code tweak on your plugin so that when a post is expired, That particular post will be on “Awaiting Approval” status and the “paynow” link will become active again? In this way I can force my editors to renew their post and pay.

    Again, thank you very much for these.

    1. May be you are posting with a subscriber account and the post status is set to “draft/pending”. That’s why you can’t see the post, it’s giving error. Try set the post status to “publish”

          1. a little problem when a user put for exampler 4 or 5 photos and click on save the cange nothing append 🙁 what can i do ?

          2. The image upload errors such as bigger than allowed file size is hidden by default. So it doesn’t show if any error occurred, it’s a trade off that I had to do. Try setting the allowed attachment size bigger value

          3. no sorry for my english my problem is to created a gallery images … when the user click on “save all the changes” hi don’t see the list of photos but only a black page on popup media upload of wp.

          4. he can see all photos updated and can visualizing and insert, but it is possibile that he have the option for creating gallerys ?

          5. example:

            if users upload 5 photos and after insert one of thise in the articles, the other 4 photos are lost..

            if u whant i male a video 🙂

  111. Hi Tareq and community

    Thanks for this fantastic plugin (love your work).

    I have a few problems/questions though:
    I am using WP3.2.1, WP-Frontend User 0.5 with the Admired 1.1 or Shiword 2.08 themes.

    1. The category selector on initial post “New Post” show only 1st level categories – not sub-levels. (a “-1” appears under it after making a selection). When editing a post the sub-categories do show and is selectable??? Can we fix it so that sub-categories are selectable on initial posting please.

    2. I can’t seem to get the “Custom Taxonomy” bit to work. I believe dropdown and check-box (multi-select) would be most appropriate here as you’d want to use it as searchable characteristics of the post later on. When selecting “Dropdown” with the plugin no options appear however where you can input the options as it does for “Custom Fields”. Could we please have functional dropdown and checkbox interface here please.

    3. Upon installing this plugin I get this WP error message:
    “The plugin does not have a valid header.”

    The plugin works fine however and it does an excellent job.

    Many thanks.


    1. 1. The category dropdown in “new post” is ajaxified. That means, it only shows the parent levels. After selecting the category, somehow another plugin might be conflicting with the request and WordPress returning “-1” as a response.

      2. Sorry, “Custom Taxonomy” is not implemented yet on the forms, it’ll not work now.

      3. The error may be causing with your WordPress version, try updating WP with the latest version.

      1. Hi T.

        Thanks for the quick response. I found this plugin that fixes my problem No. 2 – sort of “WP Custom Search”. Using this in combination with your plugin other users can search the data submitted by contributors as custom fields (very slick).

        Only problem is that as a custom field you can only attribute one value, so contributors can not give multiple values to a classification as they would be able to do with WordPress Taxonomies,..

        Side Note: If you like, we can talk about me paying you to fix my 2 problems that I have with your plugin. Contact me by return email or post comment if you would consider subsidised work on your plugin.


  112. Hi I am just setting up this site so that only members can post new and edit. I have set up the new and edit pages which work great except the edit page only works from the dashboard. My theme adds “edit” at the bottom of the post and as I have the admin pages blocked to non admin I get denined page and it does not link to the new author edit page. Will I have to change my theme pages?

    1. That link is generated by WordPress and linked to the admin panel. As you’ve blocked the admin panel from users, they see the blocked message. Either you’ve to get rid of that link or modify to suit with the plugin edit page.

  113. I have had to deactivae this plugin as it is some how interfearing with a WP function is_user_logged_in() and other plugins are not able to access this function while WP user front end is active

  114. hi dear.. i searching a plug for up and bottom hi found only one and don’t work 🙁 can u help me ?

    sorry for the OT !

  115. Hello!

    Found a bug, if a user edits a post an deletes a image, and then try to update the post again they will get a wordpress error page.

    Could it be connected with the wordpress nonce?

    1. is there some way to keep the url clean? instead of using the url to fire the get, use hidden inputs?

      so instead of


      1. Sorry for spamming the comments,

        What I mean is, when you update the post content, title or category you will get returned to the clean “edit/?pid=208” BUT if you delete a attachment you will get the longer url witch will cause the error when you try to update again.

        Will do some code diving and see what i can find.

        1. Thinking loud is often the best cure…

          * Rewrote the wpuf_edit_attachment() function, instead of a anchor tag, I wraped the whole thing in a new form.

          * moved the wpuf_edit_attachment() function outside the edit form in wpuf_edit_post.php.

  116. Thanks for the plugin exactly what I was looking for. I only need to add the ability for users to edit their profile. No post editing etc. So I created a page “edit-profile” with the shortcode on it. If I go to this page by typing in the URL it works fine.
    BUT if I add a link in my PHP like this <a href="/boutique33/edit-profile/‎">Edit Your Profile
    It navigates to this and I get a content not found error
    Any idea where the %E2%80%8E is coming from?
    I made a new page and it did exactly the same thing.

  117. Never mind, there was a invisible character that took up no visible space in my code right on the end of the link, maybe picked up when copying the permalink from wordpress.

    I edited out the character, it was detectable by using arrow keys to go over it (the cursor paused at the invisible character)– and everything is hunky-dory.


  118. Hi Tareq,
    Just noticed that the update of plugin appeared on wordpress. I have downloaded and installed the pluging from github about at 1/26/2012. And as I understood, there was several updates on github newer than on wordpress, so which parts was updated comparing with my last download?

    Now at WP changelog it’s written:
    * fixed error on attachment delete
    * added styles on dashboard too
    * fixed custom field default dropdown
    * fixed output buffering for add_post/edit_post/dashboard/profile pages
    * admin panel scripts are added wp_enqueue_script instead of echo
    * fixed admin panel block logic
    * filter hook added on edit post for post args

    Maybe all of them are new?

  119. Hello Tareq. Thank you for this great plugin. I find many uses for it. But unfortunately i don’t know how to fix one problem. In my “Add” form is only parent categories to select. I was trying to deactivate some other plugins without success. But in “Edit” form i can see all parent and child categories in select bar, only problem there is that it doesn’t autoselect category where ad is added, it does only after hitting Update button, other ways there is only – select –
    Any ideas how to fix this? Would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. funny, i was trying to disable all other plugins and even use different theme and the problem is same, child categories doesn’t appear. While i install this plugin on other server for somebody else and it’s working good. Damn i spend hours and hours without success to figure it out :/

        1. Tareq, just to let you know, it may be a bug! After few days of looking around whole website, plugins and themes i finally figure it out. When i try to use “Plain Editor” subcategories doesn’t work, by using “Rich text” everything is just fine!!! You may have look what could be making that problem 😉 Regards Tareq…

    2. If you want child categories to appear on “Add” form, then you may try this…

      1.Go to wpuf-add-post.php and try to find this below code:

      2. In the above code, just remove &depth=1

      3. Save the file and check your “Add” form on frontend. You will likely see the child categories also.

      Hope this helps!

      1. If you want child categories to appear on “Add” form, then you may try this…

        1.Go to wpuf-add-post.php and try to find this below code:
        wp_dropdown_categories( .... )

        2. In the above code, just remove &depth=1

        3. Save the file and check your “Add” form on frontend. You will likely see the child categories also.

        Hope this helps!

  120. @Tareq: Bravo! Great Work

    Have simple questions related to plugin

    1. Is it possible to include WYSWYG editor of backend with image upload directly – Helps solve many Issues.
    2. What happens if we upload 4 images….. I understood that first/last image goes to featured Post and how about the rest…. Is there a way to get them posted inside the description.
    3. Possibility to post only under single category by default (e.g default he can post only under automobile category –> subcategory (car, bus, SUV) but user can select the subcategory
    4. willing to add custom fields which are already existing

    1. kayal. In your plugin settings -> Content editor type / you can choose to use reach text for your first question. For second, I am using LightBox Pro plugin to show all attached images, you may try that, it’s nice feature 😉

      1. @Ado: well I’m already using the rich text format but there is an issue with that option – Browser compatibility issues (You cannot see the image upload option in Chrome and IE)

        For Firefox – Even though you can upload the picture you cannot insert into the rich text editor like admin area.

        Ligthbox pro~ well never used that so far how does it work?

    2. 1. You can upload images directly, but you should have the image upload capability (WordPress roles)
      2. The images you upload, they get attached with the post, not featured. You can show the attached images in that post, I’ve mentioned a code in the comments somewhere.
      3. I think it’s already there.
      4. I had to do some special mechanism for custom fields, thats why they are prefixed with “cf_”. So I think you can’t use existing. Sorry

      1. @Tareq: Thanks for your reply, but my questions go this way
        1&2. Tried directly with administrator, but seems it works only in firefox but not in I.E or Chrome. Even though we have option to upload, but there is no button which shows “Insert into post” – Have you noted that in the editor.

        3. Well tried that, but it shows even all the main categories in front end – [ I need to show only one category here and below show the multiple sub categories of the main ]

        and adding to the existing point – If you go and notice backend you will notice if user has selected CARS sub category under VEHICLES main category you will see the post is added in both VEHICLES and CARS subcategory (I suppose it must be ticked only on CARS sub-category right)

  121. Hello, installed your very useful plugin, everything works fine, except the attachements. If I try to attach an image, the post wont be published. If I try to publish without attachement it works fine. The plugin is the only one installed at my website, Any ideas? Thanks.

  122. Find the problem, attachement max dimension was not ok. Now the post is published, but the image doesnt show up. Do I have to do something else?

  123. Great plugin. It is a huge asset to my site. I have run into one little problem though. I have been using the plugin FPW Category Thumbnail to automatically post a category picture on the homepage with each post. It works just fine when I post from the backend/admin area, but it does not automatically apply mapping when I use the User Frontend add page. I have to go back into the FPW settings and apply mapping for it to work. Any ideas? Thank you so much!

  124. I installed the plugin and it’s great, but… the “upload files” link does not work, I have to right click it and open it in a new window to get the file uploader to pop up, and when it does and I upload the file it doesn’t show up in the front end. any ideas on what could it be? any help is much appreciated.

  125. Hello Tareq,
    Is it possible somehow to make the edited post also pending or drafts status..?

    Thanks in advance!

  126. [wpuf_addpost post_type=”event”]
    But how can I automatically add “event” to custom taxonomy called “fireworks”?

    1. Sorry Jacek, currently custom taxnomies are not supported directly. But there are some plugin hooks offered by this plugin, by which it can be added via external codes.

      1. I’m trying different approach, so here is a question.

        If I want to take from your plugin code only for front end form to publish new posts should I only looking in “wpuf-add-post” file?


    I need more than a one form, so thats why your plugin wont work form me.
    Also i need to work with custom taxonomies.

    Can you help me to:
    Clean this code
    Make it work with adding custom fields to post

    PS. This code right now works.

  128. I’m using Firefox 10.0.2 and for some reason I’m unable to click the submit button. Everything works fine in IE and safari…any suggestions?

  129. hi im using your plugin to accept some custom fields from user when i display those custom feilds i can see it in my post but it starts with cf_custmfeildname is there any way to remove these cf_

    1. Currently there is no way to remove the “cf_”, it’s there for some reason.

      You can show the field values like this in the frontend [php]<?php echo get_post_meta( $post->ID, ‘cf_fieldname’, true ); ?>[/php]

      1. i can see show the field value in front end but i want to show label : value pair i cant able to get the label without Cf_

        e.g i want to show custom field distance like

        distance : 500

        im getting

        cf_distance : 500

        or only 500 as u suggested above

        1. So why don’t you try like this:
          [php]Distance: <?php echo get_post_meta( $post->ID, ‘cf_fieldname’, true ); ?>[/php]

  130. Hello,

    I have installed the plugin.. But the edit button doesn’t work. Nothing happens when i click in the dashboard on edit..

    I haven’t done step 6 of the installation because i dont understand it, can you tell me what i have to do?

    I can’t find where i have to put the code for the edit url.. I don’t have a screen with WP user frontend Options

    Insert the “Edit” Page url to the admin options page of the plugin

    1. The edit page url is now replaced with a page dropdown box. Select the page where you’ve inserted the [wpuf_edit] shortcode

  131. I´m testing your plugin and I think there have a little problem with custom taxonomies.


    My theme defined by code one CPT called film with two custom taxonomies called director and genre. When i used your plugin I add custom taxonomy director and type dropdown. Its run OK.
    But when I defined the second taxonomy called genre with type dropdown, in the add page the second dropdown list both values from director and genre.

    I think that is simple to solve for you, clearing some variable or depure some SQL select.

    Please help me and thanks for your free plugin

  132. Hello Tareq,
    looks like found a bug.
    When I’m using rich text editor for adding new posts on front end – category selection works fine.
    When I select plain text editor and select the category from drop-down, the subcategory drop-down selector doesn’t appear.
    Can you somehow help me with this..?

    Thanks in advance..!

  133. Very useful plugin but I have a request. I would like to provide a user to post ‘x’ number of posts for free and from ‘x+1’ post onwards, they can subscribe by paying per post. I am unable to figure out how to do this.

    I can edit the plugin files if you can guide me how to and what to edit.

    I will greatly appreciate your help. Thanks.

  134. Very useful plug, thanx a lot. But when I try to publish a post with pending status, I get an 404 error at redirecting after submitting. So that’s right because my new post has pending status and still unvisible at frontend. Could you solve it and include redirect-after-post option in settings?

  135. Hello Tareq

    Thanks for this very useful plugin ! I will definitely consider to offer you several cups of coffee 😉

    I am using your plugin to let users change their profile on the front end. Everything works perfectly when addind the shortcode [wpuf_editprofile]. I have just a small problem regarding informations which come from extrafield, which are generated on the user profile by other plugins.

    For instance, I use S2 membres to manage my membres / subscriptions. On the backend, when I use your shortcode, s2Member Configuration & Profile Fields are displaid and I would like to hide them. Here is the page if you want to see what I mean :

    How can I hise the S2 membres informations ? (I am not a developper and I am just able to insert some lines of code or modify php files)

    Thanks a lot for your attention


    1. The S2 member plugin using WordPress hooks to show those fields. If you don’t like it, open the `wpuf-editprofile.php` and find these lines:

      [php]<?php do_action( ‘personal_options’, $profileuser ); ?>
      <?php do_action( ‘profile_personal_options’, $profileuser ); ?>
      <?php do_action( ‘show_user_profile’, $profileuser ); ?>[/php]

      Try removing those lines one after another, this will help.

    2. Hello Julien, I like the subscription system you use (name, sex, date of birth) which plugin you use?

  136. Is there a way to only per for a field in the post. So lets say the post can be free but the website url to be posted has to be paid for. Thank you

      1. Donde lo coloco????

        theme_get_previous_post_link(‘« %link’),
        ‘prev_link’ => theme_get_next_post_link(‘%link »’)

        while (have_posts())
        get_template_part(‘content’, ‘single’);

        /* Display navigation to next/previous posts when applicable */
        if (theme_get_option(‘theme_bottom_single_navigation’)) {
        ‘next_link’ => theme_get_previous_post_link(‘« %link’),
        ‘prev_link’ => theme_get_next_post_link(‘%link »’)

        } else {



          1. sorry I get this error:

            Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<' in / home/subetuno/public_html/prueba/wp-content/themes/SUBETUNOTICIA3/single.php on line 28

            We delete <? Php and appears to see here:

            To be above the gray? where I place it? Thanks for your help

  137. Hello Tareq, great plugin, I was wondering if there is a way to export the structure of the custom fields that are created with the plugin, I ask this because I manage a WP Network and every blog has the same structure, before I found your plugin I simply exported the field groups I’ve created with advanced custom fields plugin and import it to each blog that need it, but I can’t seem to find a way to do this with the structure of the field I made with your plugin, thanks for reading this and help me with this

      1. Hi, me again, I have a small problem, when a client buys a pack and he like’s it and decides to buy another pack, the previous pack dissapears, what can I do to fix this?, thanks

  138. Every day I like mas this plugin, I do a couple of suggestions to him.

    1-to elaborate a video for the uutilizacion of ” Custom Field Options ” and “Taxonomy Options”

    2-Cuando this there being raised the news that appears a message op image that indicates ésto

    3-the section Could to eliminate “tag” in the admin

    4-suggest plugin that he should add icon to the Tiny of wordpres that ded should allow to raise videoes youtube (only the link) in order that the video appears

    5-Aparece a message of mistake to the moment of esdtar raising the images (6-seeing link) Him sending link of images of on what I comment to him

    Gracias !

    1. 2. Don’t know about this, may be your theme is creating some problems with this.
      3. You can disable tag from admin panel options
      4. I think no plugin will add icon in the frontend. They only works in the wp-admin. You’ve to manually add them (if you know how).
      5. This has been fixed, download the latest version from github

      Please try to use English in the comment 🙂

        1. Por favor disculpe mi ingles, uso traductor, tratare de mejorarlo…

          the correct method to replace the plugin with the new version is:
          1 – delete files and FTP subirrlos?
          2 – Borar the WP plugin and upload the new one?

  139. Tareq … fabulous plugin … many thanks.

    Small problem … I’m trying to use the “user can set post date” feature. It’s letting me enter a date front end, but on ‘save’ it’s reverting to the current date / time. As I need to include at least one date / time field, solving this is really important, and it has got me baffled! Any suggestions?

    (Once I’ve solved this problem, I then need to work out how to ‘publish’ anyway, but I’ll cross that bridge ….”

    One other little problem … where can I find the “Please wait … I’m saving” text that appears on the button when you submit? I’m “re-engineering” to make wording more fit my site, and I can’t find this text anywhere! [Even though it DEFINITELY says it … so ‘somewhere’ it’s being told to!]

    Any help / suggestions really, really appreciated! 🙂

    Best regards

    🙂 Michael 🙂

    1. @Michael. Hi, the message “Please wait.. I’m saving” can be found in “wp-user-frontend/js/wpuf.js” file. Once you open the file in Plugin Editor, you can use CTRL+F to find it. I am not sure about your first problem… Tareq would be the right person to comment on it.

    2. Thought I should add that I’ve just tried installing a ‘clean’ copy (i.e. one I hadn’t been playing around with!) on a test site, and it seems to exhibit the same problem. Let’s me define a publication date, then actually saves it with the currrent date / time.

      Latest version of the plugin tried on WP 3.3.1 in both cases, but ‘live’ on [child of] 1.5 BuddyPress Default theme and ‘test’ on Atahualpa 3.7.3.

      🙂 Michael 🙂

  140. Hi Tareq,

    I didn’t get response for my previous comment about pay for x+1 post while x posts will be for free. May be I will use default wordpress functions like author info or user meta to count the number of posts and then display your form whenever the count is less than x number of posts.

    On a different note, I have another query. I am using your plugin for custom post type. How do I set limit for attachments? I tried putting a value in Number of Attachments field in the plugin settings page. But it doesn’t help. Despite putting a limit, the form is accepting unlimited attachments for my custom post type. Is there anything I should add in the shortcode? Please help. Thanks.

    1. Hey Naveen,
      I don’t think currently there is no option that match you right now (the x+1 posting).

      About the attachment, are you saying that, if you set “3” as “Number of Attachments”, you can post unlimited attachments though?

      1. when I set “3” as “Number of attachments”, there are three upload fields that are shown on the front-end while “Adding a new post”. There is no problem with that. But, when I click “Edit the Post” in front-end dashboard, there are another three new upload fields.

        What this implies is, every time a user clicks on Edit post, he can upload three new files and this way, he can upload unlimited files.

        I guess, there is something that need to be added for edit post function in such a way that if number of already attached files are equal to the limit set, then upload fields should not be displayed.

        I hope you understood the problem.

        In summary, “limit” is working on “Add Post” but not on “Edit Post” because on Edit we can add more attachments without deleting the old ones.

          1. Thanks for the quick reply. Will this below code help in anyway:

            $nbImg = count($attachments);
            echo ‘There are ‘.$nbImg.’ pictures on this post.’;

            I got this code from wordpress support forums. Instead of “echo”, can we insert a function that will not allow upload field to display if $nbImg is more than the limit that we set. I am not sure how to implement this. Can you guide me?

      2. By the way, just to say that… I am using “Plain Text” feature for Content Editor Field and not “Rich Text”.

  141. Hi Tareq,

    I installed your plugin on my website and it’s great!

    Just one problem, I added several custom user fields using “Cimy User Extra Fields”, how can I show them on the front end profile of this great plugin?


    1. @Simon: Kinda hoping there isn’t an easy answer to this, as I’ve just rewritten and reordered a major chunk of my site to use this plugin, for more or less the same reasons as you’re saying! 🙂

      The ‘top’, ‘before description’, ‘bottom’ etc. commands give you a fair degree of control over where the fields will go, especially if you’re also not afraid to hack the PHP templates a bit. The resulting form I’m using is here if you want to see what’s possible. You’ll need to register to access it, but it’s free and quick to do so.

      I’m actually not using the WP ‘content’ part of the post at all … all of the fields are ‘custom’.

      Doesn’t really answer your question, but hopefully encourages you to know that solutions are possible! You just have to ‘think outside the box’ sometimes. 🙂

      Best regards

      🙂 Michael 🙂

      1. Thanks for your help man!!!
        I made some minor changes to your code and I managed to add the fields I wanted 🙂

  142. I see that the biggest problem is upload the photos.
    I found another plugin, which is not as complete as “WordPress Frontend User”, but the images are attached without problems:
    Please watch it, find something interesting and possibly apply to the wonderful “WordPress User Frontend”.
    I love this plugin “WordPress Frontend User” excellent support!

  143. Finally solved the problem of images … I have installed several Lightbox plugin but does not work with images, any idea how to fix this. thanks

  144. 🙂 And another thing …

    (More feedback than question!)

    Plugin allows HTML code for italics in the custom field descriptions, but not in the main ‘Category’ description. Just thought I’d mention it, in case this isn’t deliberate.

    🙂 Michael 🙂

    1. The version in github is translateable. There is a languages folder. You will need a software named Poedit. Copy default.po file and name it wpuf-.po and edit that.

  145. Hi Tareq

    Was going to ask if you have had any thoughts or ideas on my post date problem. I’ve got to the stage, with two sites, where I really need to use correct dates. Didn’t want to spend hours hacking and trying to work things out if you had a quick or easy answer.

    However, I see from your tweets that you were on the beach a few hours ago … so I guess you’re on holiday and won’t care for a while. Looks like I’ll have to work it out for myself. I’m not at all jealous 😀

    Best regards

    🙂 Michael 🙂

      1. So now you’re back, with your batteries recharged and ready to take on the world.

        I wonder how many hours that will last *he said cynically*. 😉

  146. Hi great plugin..Just having one problem where all the posts in the dashboard redirect to the same url of a page that is not the the edit page. It’s just a random page on my site that it seems to redirect too. Any ideas why that would be happening?

    1. To expand. I had made an edit page with the correct shortcode. In my dashboard the titles of the posts all match with the correct url. It’s just the edit link all point to the first page I have listed in alphabetically within my site.

    1. i made 3 subscriptions using sandbox, and [wpuf_sub_info] still show blank page. Also in admin page in list of transactions, for every transaction making two lines… Am i doing something wrong here?

  147. I had done this:
    Create a new Page “New Post” and insert shorcode [wpuf_addpost]
    Create a new Page “Edit” for editing posts and insert shorcode [wpuf_edit]
    And select the edit page at the opions page.
    But click the edit link ,It will jump to the backstage.
    Do I have to do anything else?

    1. That edit link is provided by WordPress, this plugin doesn’t do anything (modify) that link. If you need to edit any post, create a new page and insert shortcode [wpuf_dashboard]. You’ll see the list of posts you created with edit and delete link.

  148. I’m sorry to bother you a second time.
    I used this plugin,but it imperfect for me.
    The plugin use wp default Text Editors,So users can not upload a image and insert it into the post.Attachment is imperfect.
    How can I add a Text Editors myself,and the text editors can upload images.
    Apologise for my poor English.

    1. If you want to change the text editor, no problem, go ahead and edit the plugin. You’ve the right to customize it as you want.

  149. hi using chrome 18 and firefox 12 ..submit button doesn’t work for me..any suggestion very appreciated ??

      1. actually i have filled all fields.but when i press submit botton doesn’t work..any suggestion?

  150. The code located in wpuf-add-post.php line 219:
    if ( ( $cf[‘type’] == ‘yes’ ) && !$temp )
    Why is it like this:
    if ( ( $cf[‘required’] == ‘yes’ ) && !$temp )

    And the wpuf-edit-pot.php..

    1. Yes. In admin/wpuf-options-value.php 
      Then on line 829 you should see this code
       array(            ‘name’ => ‘wpuf_sub_currency’,            ‘label’ => ‘Currency’,            ‘desc’ => ‘Currency of the amount’,            ‘type’ => ‘select’,            ‘options’ => array(                ‘USD’ => ‘USD’,                ‘AUD’ => ‘AUD’
      Simply add  ‘EURO’ => ‘EURO’ and it will be displayed.
      Make sure you add a comma to the end of the AUD one 🙂
      Hope it helps

  151. @Tareq

    Does the front-end post editor display all of the custom fields that are associated with the custom post type?

          1. Is there a reference anywhere to the types of custom fields which are supported? Or does it load the custom field templates from the wp-admin so anything is supported?

          2. Any type of custom field is supported, although you’ve to create it via this plugin. Cause it prefixes all the custom field name with cf_ and saves in the plugin table. Then it’s used for validation, showing in the plugin area and in posts.

        1. How I am using a custom post type that is already fully configured to display listings with mapping data via google maps.  How would I assign your custom fields to map to my existing mapping custom fields.  Do I need a special filter or hook for that?

        2. I am using a custom post type for google maps listings which already has several address related custom fields configured.  How would I assign your custom fields to save data to these already existing fields?  Hook or filters for this?

        3.  @lelandzaremba Yes you can use hooks, <a href=””>here are</a> the list of actions and filters that can be used as a external plugin.

  152. Wonderful new version, and update and I see the images up with no problems, that beauty!
    I have a couple of notes:
    1 – em Explorer the message while the photo does not show up “The text will be Used after clicking the submit button”
    2 – The images are one above the other, as is done for each side placing the sample image according to: . jpg
    3 – I still owners understand the Custom Field Options, will be great a video made by you …: (to explain their use.
    Receive my respect and a big hug from Colombia, for this wonderful job.

    Note: For questions and not use more than this forum … I mean the message that appears inthe final version: I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions About about the plugin. Please post on the support forum Them on and I will look into it.

  153. Hi there and thank you for such a superb plugin. I’m having one problem though please. The payment processing is working at the Paypal end and the transactions are showing that payments are being made, but the user making the payments is not being credited with the package he/she has paid for. Have you encountered this problem and, if so, do you know how to fix it please?
    Many thanks

  154. Hi Tareq, do you think is possible to integrate a field to insert a google’s map?

    1.  @LorenzoStrada 
      Yes it is.
      I coded in a google map and used 2 separate fields to store the longitude and latitude.
      The pin could then be placed where ever the user want to set their location.
      I’d be happy to send you the technique I used but it does require some coding into the plugin files

  155. Hi, Tareq,
    can you, please, teach me how do I set the editor to display hierarchical main categories and subcategories? Now shows only the main category. I need to show:
    Main Category    
    Thank you.

    1.  @josno The category is ajaxified. When you select a parent menu, the children menu appends just next to the category dropdown. Isn’t that working for you? Then may be you’ve some JavaScript error in your theme.
      Anyway, you can change it to hierarchical by removing the “depth=1” at wpuf-add-post.php in line 76.

  156. Hi, Tareq,
    unfortunately another one question. When I allow attachments, so after submitt the Article with attachments I am returned back to the form and the article is not published. I can not cope with it. It does this in all browsers. When I place no attachments or when the attachments are not allowed, it is normally published article. Can you please advise what to do, so I can work with attachments? Thank you.

    1.  @josno There might be two reasons for this, (1) you haven’t set attachment size in plugin options (2) the attachment size is bigger than the allowed attachment size.

      1.  @tareq Thank you and sorry. I do not fill attachment size in options. “Mea culpa”.

  157. For pages “Subscription Info”, “Subscription Packs” and “Payment” appear on my sitejust headlines and nothing more. I put Shortcodes and nothing. Payment page is also set.Can you please advise? Thank you.

  158. Hi Tareq,
    when I select the category to which I want to include post, the browser opens the page the archives of that category. I have to click the Back button and then set the category will be displayed correctly as it should be. Can you please advise how this problem? Thank you.

  159. Hi Tareq,
    Love the plugin; one problem, though — when trying to insert links in the rich text editor, it’s not possible to modify the URL and title fields; it’s almost like the fields are disabled. This is occurring in all current browsers; I’m not seeing any errors in the JS error console. I deactivated all other plugins to see if there was a conflict, and that made no difference.

  160. Hello, congratulations for the plugin is fantastic, I only have a small problem, when you publish a post does not take the date that I entered in the field, but that takes the time of publication!Is there a solution?
     I hope so: D, because I’m waiting to solve this thing, to publish thesite!
    thanks in advance

      1.  @tareq  @minkayj Worked like a charm! Thanks so much! Love the plugin.

  161.  @tareq Just wondering what I would need to do to have your plugin support my existing custom fields that are all managed with the More Fields plugin.  This allows for many more field types which I need.  Thanks.

    1. Sorry, @lelandzaremba it will not support existing custom fields right now in this version. I am working on a new version, existing custom field support will be there. But can’t give you an ETA right now.

  162. Thanks a lot for the great plugin. We have been searching for the exact functionality of this for quite a long time and we feel we were late in finding this. Nevertheless, this will be helpful to us in lot more projects in the future. I believe this plugin deserved to be officially promoted by the WP guys or they should make you a payment and implement this functionality to WP core. Indeed, this is one big missing portion to WP.
    Thanks a lot! 🙂

    1.  @Ranga Lakshitha You made me laugh about the *core* thing. Core should be clean and simple. Thats why they gave a very nice plugin API to extend the functionality as you want 🙂

  163. Hello Tareq, you know how to solve the problem, which I asked you earlier? When you publish a post does not take the dates That I Entered in the field, but That takes the time of publication. thanks

  164.  am able to post from the front end but the editor is not working properly. If i upload an image, it does not show the image, instead it show’s it’s html code. The visual button does not work , so only html code is shown. Here is my image of the editor which shows on the front end post page :
    It is different from the one which is shown in your screenshot :
    Any soultion for this ? Thanks in advance

      1.  @tareq  @codegene The problem is that visual mode is not working. I am not able to switch in the visual mode. By default it is in html mode. I tried switching the theme but still i was not able to use the visual mode.

  165. Hi Tareq,
    This is a great plugin and im really thankfull for it, hovever i do have 1 question.
    When logged in, and wanting to add a new post, the rich text editor, doesnt show all the button. Im using a plugin for recipes called hrecipe, and even if i have installed a Tinymce advanced editor, with more options and buttons, it still doesnt show.
    If im posting from the backend, i see no problems, only fro tme front end.
    Any ideas if possible to fix this.?
    Bet regards fro Denmark,

  166. Thanks for the plugin. The trouble I have is that when I change the “Post Status” (from the Frontend Posting Options) to “draft”, any new post is still published instantly.How can I force this?Also, I allow posters to choose a category, but when they choose the category from the drop down menu, the pages reloads that category before allowing the post to be entered.

  167. Tareq,
    This plugin is cool. I like this a lot. I know this is going to help developers a lot. I have one thing to ask form you. I like to use set of custom fields and in the front end i like users be able to check some or all of the custom fields. Is that possible? right now i see text-box, drop-down and text-area to use collect custom fields.  

  168. Can you make an option to disable front end posting. The new scripts that are now added to the head disrupted all the other jquery scripts I’m using on my site. I only use this plugin to allow users to edit/delete post and I thought there used to be an option to disable the front end posting part.

    1.  @PolluxKhafra What kind of jQuery problem are you having? To disable the frontend posting, just don’t create that “Add Post” page, that’s all.

      1.  @Tareq The wpuf script and inline script were added to the head which broke a number of scripts I was using like jquery masonry, infinite scroll, buddypress js, ajax comments script. For now I’ve just deregistered the ‘wpuf’ scripts from running which removed the inline script aswell that gets inserted into the head.

        1.  @Tareq  I don’t see actual errors. It’s just causing them not to work. Jquery Masonry stops applying. Infinite Scroll tops working. Buddypress js for the menu stops working.

  169. Hello Tareq,
    Is it possible to show all attachments in the posts except image type attachments? I would like to use this feature to show links to some documents and other files.
    Also maybe it is possible to array them in rows instead of columns?
    And regarding the images I’m showing them by adding the code directly in the theme (including the featured image).

    1.  @VaidasV These files or images are attachments to the post. I think you will find a way to get those attachment list from a post and filter them via MIME type.

      1.  @Tareq Thanks. Figured out some solution.
        I turn of the option to show attachments in the post and insert such codes into single.php:
        To show photos:
        <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[gallery option1="value1"]‘); ?>
        To show pdf and MS word type files:
        <ul> <?php $args = array( ‘post_type’ => ‘attachment’, ‘post_mime_type’ => ‘application/pdf,application/msword’, ‘numberposts’ => -1, ‘post_status’ => null, ‘post_parent’ => $post->ID, ‘orderby’ => ‘menu_order’, ‘order’ => ‘desc’ ); $attachments = get_posts($args); if ($attachments) { foreach ($attachments as $attachment) { echo ‘<li><a href=”‘.wp_get_attachment_url($attachment->ID).'”>’; echo $attachment->post_title; echo ‘</a></li>’; } } ?> </ul>
        Hope that the code will be visible..

  170. Hello @Tareq ,
    one more question.
    I found that after the last update category choosing on the front end is not always working properly (ajax powered option). The problem is that sometimes the subcategories selection box is not always appearing. Any suggestions..?
    P.S. Other options (checklist and simple selection) are inappropriate because while using them and selecting some subcategory, the plugin is not selecting the main category (only selected subcategory).

    1.  @VaidasV There might be one cause, those categories have no posts. Otherwise I don’t find any reason why it shouldn’t work.

      1.  @Tareq Figured out when it’s not working. Subcategories are not appiering for selection if only I select plain text content editor type. With both variants of rich text editor types they are working properly.
        Is it a bug or just problems in my project? Any ideas how to solve it..?


  172.  @Tareq need your help on one more small (i hope so..:) ) issue.
    My theme is overriding your plugin front end settings and while adding posts it is adding bullets on each line. For that I have deleted all the <li> and </li> in wpuf-add-post.php and attachment.php, but can not find where to change that for custom fields.
    You can chenk how it looks like:
    P.S. maybe it could be the reason why my ajax category selection is not working also? It was also not forking even before deleting all <li> and </li> in the code.

    1.  @Tareq The same problem with showing custom fields in posts. It also adds bullets and moves everything to right bellow the custom field.. 🙁

  173. Hi Tareq, there is news on the problem of the date of publication?
    And I wanted to ask, I noticed that if I upload lots of photos, such as 100, by inserting multi-file, upon confirmation, reload the iframe, taking off thumbnails below, leaving them in the media library, I do not know if I are explained: D, but let me know if you is.
    And last thing, insert images and published properly, visuallizzate in wp-admin – media are not attached in any post. Expect an answerthanks in advance

  174.  @FabioMaske I think the date publication issue should be fixed by now, did you tried? I am not sure about your other questions.

  175.  @Tareq the date of publication, it does not work yet, still takes the date of actual publication, not that I enter in forms. and then, I said that when viewing photos in wp-admin – media, all photos are (Unattached), and unrelated to their post. This does not allow me to see what photos you’ve entered in a particular post.

  176.  @FabioMaske I pushed a fix for publication date just now, should work fine. About the media attachment, I am not sure whats you problem, but at my end, it’s nicely attaching with the post and I can see it from media too.

  177. It is possible that some subscription packs remained hidden for users? For example, the subscription pack with zero subscription price or promotional pack that could always use some time and then hide them again? Thanks for reply.

  178. Tareq hello, thanks for the updates, now adding the date works perfectly!The last thing I want to fix, is that I wish I could change the date when I edit a post, because now, I see the form data, only when I create a new post, and not when I modify it.Can I fix it somehow?

  179.  @FabioMaske The date functions are in the wpuf-add-post.php. You could edit the wpuf-edit-post.php to make it work. I am not going to teach you how to edit codes, it’s beyond of this scope.

  180. hi tareq
    thanks for your great works.  impressed, simple codes that I never seen before
    hey could you give me some information about feautred image and attachment?
    like accessing way, where the functions are, diagram etc
    it doesn’t work  well in Buddypress theme so need to be moderated.

  181. hi tareq
    thanks for your great works.  impressed, simple codes that I never seen before
    hey could you give me some information about feautred image and attachment?
    like accessing way, where the functions are, diagram etc
    it doesn’t work  well in Buddypress theme so need to be fixed it up

  182. hi tareq
    thanks for your great works.  impressed, simple codes that I never seen before
    hey could you give me some information about feautred image and attachment?
    like accessing way, where the functions are, diagram etc
    it doesn’t work  well in Buddypress theme so need to be fixed

    1.  @HoonJiByun featured image codes are in, wpuf-ajax.php for uploading and wpuf-add-post for setting the image as featured.  The attachment handler is in /lib/attachment.php

  183. Hi Tareq, I updated yesterday and now the image upload buttons are not working, including in the editor as well as the Featured Image button. Is there an issue with this from the update or coincidence? Thanks!

  184. I’m using this plugin right now, and honestly I love it! It does exactly what it says. The only thing I would like to add is the ability to allow people to add pictures to their profile if they want. Not sure how to do that. Other than that, it’s great!

    1. Nevermind, I added DT Author Box and it adds that to it. Great Plugin though!

    1.  @HoonJiByun For editing posts, you have to set the edit page inside the plugin settings. Once that’s done, just click edit in the dashboard and it’s should work just fine.

  185. hi
    i want users to be able submit posts without having to register if the dont wish to.  Currently where the form should be it says “This page is restricted. Please Log in to view this page.”  Can you help? thanks

  186. hi
    i want users to be able submit posts without having to register on the site if they dont wish to.  Currently where the form should be it says “This page is restricted. Please Log in to view this page.”  Can you help? thanks

  187. Hi  I want the author of the submitted content to be the users name they enter in a field without having to login  in to the site.  Like how the “user submitted posts” plugin shows the users name as author withot having a registered profile on the site, whereas at the moment WP User Frontend reverts to admin if they arent logged in.
    Really appreciate any help.  thanks

    1.  @HoonJiByun you can only change the height. width can be set with css. find this line and change the textarea rows.
      <?php wp_editor( $description, ‘new-post-desc’, array(‘textarea_name’ => ‘wpuf_post_content’, ‘editor_class’ => ‘requiredField’, ‘teeny’ => false, ‘textarea_rows’ => 8) ); ?>

  188.  Tareq. Thanks for the response Tareq, appreciate it.  One more quick question sorry if its easy i’m so not a coder.  The section here on the wpuf-editprofile.php …
    printf( __( “This page is restricted. Please %s to view this page.”, ‘wpuf’ ), wp_loginout( ”, false ) );         }
    Ok so the %s  displays the word and link to “Log in”  but i want it to say register with a link to the register page instead, so was looking for some help on where to change code for this to display.  Thanks

  189. Thanks for the response Tareq, appreciate it.  One more quick question sorry if its easy i’m so not a coder.  The section here on the wpuf-editprofile.php …
    printf( __( “This page is restricted. Please %s to view this page.”, ‘wpuf’ ), wp_loginout( ”, false ) );         }
    Ok so the %s  displays the word and link to “Log in”  but i want it to say register with a link to the register page instead, so was looking for some help on where to change code for this to display.  Thanks

    1.  @robynred replace with this:
      printf( __( ‘This page is restricted. Please %s to view this page.’, ‘wpuf’ ), wp_register( ”, ”, false ) );

      1.  @Tareq thanks for the reply, that didn’t work though,  still says the word log in and links to login page after the above changes

        1.  @Tareq i copied exactly what you put above.  Did you mean  to put the 2 quotation marks ?  … ( ”, ”, false ) )….  in the original there was only 1 … ( ”, false ) )

        2.  @Tareq i copied it exactly as you have written above.  is there anything else that needs to be changed somewhere?

        3.  @Tareq ok thanks for the reply.  If i want to keep it the original of …
          printf( __( “This page is restricted. Please %s to view this page.”, ‘wpuf’ ), wp_loginout( ”, false ) );         }
          but also have it say register, how do i do that.   I want it to display  “this page is restricted. Please login or register to view this page”

        4.  @robynred the correct version would be printf( __( ‘This page is restricted. Please %s or %s to view this page.’, ‘wpuf’ ), wp_loginout( ”, false ), wp_register( ”, ”, false ) );
          if this doesn’t work for you, try this:
          echo ‘This page is restricted. Please <a href=””>Login</a> or <a href=””>Register</a> to view this page.’;

        5.  @Tareq  when i add the first set of code you gave above it displays this …
          Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting T_FUNCTION in /home/public_html/ on line 30
          when i go to line 30 its a blank line with no code. argh

        6. @robynred@Tareq
          GOT IT!!! Try this -> For anyone who happens to over look it like I did its under Settings, General, Membership (select anyone can register)…it should then allow you to add the coding
          printf( __( ‘This page is restricted. Please %s to view this page.’, ‘wpuf’ ), wp_register( ”, ”, false ) );

        7.  @Tareq  @robynred Having the same problem ….
          where would “wpuf_customs” setting be? in what file… I think thats what is causing the problem and over writing the coding we are trying to add. (I dont know I could be wrong tho)
          After I changed the coding in the edit profile_php is still being over ridden saying “This page is restricted. Please Log in to view this page.”
          This is what the coding is showing even tho I changed it in the editprofit_php
          ” <div></div>This page is restricted. Please <a href=”″>Log in</a> to view this page.<ul><ul> </div> <!– end .entry –>”
          I dont know If I am getting closer to figuring out why I cant get it to work

        8.  @DavidLHendrickson you are right it is being overridden by code elsewhere, i’ve been trying to figure out where to no avail yet.  I asked Tareq if there was code elsewhere that had to be altered so hopefully he’ll get back to us

        9.  @robynred ok my friend try this. Go to wp-user-frontend/wpuf-edit-user.php
          I think I found it there! –>} else { //user is not logged in        printf( __( “This page is restricted. Please %s to view this page.”, ‘wpuf’ ), wp_loginout( ”, false ) );    }
          I think you you copy and paste the correct doet here it should work

        10.  @robynred wait man I think that fucked up my site… did it work for you?

        11.  @DavidLHendrickson it just displayed as before showing login only.  I’m going to find all instances of that code and replace it with the new register version and see how that goes.  From what Tareq had said it seemed it was only in that one php file that it had to be changed, def not the case it seems

        12.  @DavidLHendrickson halle – freakin- lujah  it worked finding every instance of it in the different php files 🙂 

        13.  @robynred HA!!! Your a rockstar! Do you know which or how many files there were! Great work!

        14.  @DavidLHendrickson these wpuf-edit-profile, wpuf-dashboard, wpuf-add-post, wpuf-edit-user, wpuf-edit-post  

  190. I am having an issue with my home page after installing this app…. it pulling in photos on the home page and pushing the content down. Would you know why?

    1. What i mean is the plugin is pulling photos and adding them to the end of every page on my site. Do you have a fix for this?

        1.  @Tareq Your a rock star man! Thank you ! Works perfectly! This is for my nonprofit to save animals! I really appreciate your help and great plugin! 

        2.  @Tareq One last question how do I make is so user who are NOT logged in can leave a post. It says now “This page is restricted. Please Log in to view this page.” THANKYOU

        3.  @Tareq is there anyway to make this work? Or do you know of a plugin to work with your to make the registration process automatic? Thank you for your help this is for saving animals for my nonprofit! 

        4.  @Tareq thank you for the advice man I really appreciate it! keep me posted if you ever get it to work for people who are not logged in! It would work perfectly for my animal nonprofit! Thank you again! 

        5.  @Tareq Hey Tareq can you explain how to redirect the user who wanted to leave a post to the “register” page rather than login that way its more automated?

        6.  @Tareq like do we need to dowload a register plugin in order to add this coding?
          printf( __( ‘This page is restricted. Please %s to view this page.’, ‘wpuf’ ), wp_register( ”, ”, false ) );
          when I tried adding it It took my site down. Do I need to add a Register plugin for this to work properly?

        7.  @DavidLHendrickson Hi David, it doesnt work for me either 🙁  its driving me up the wall lol

        8.  @robynred GOT IT!!! Try this ->For anyone who happens to over look it like I did its under Settings, General, Membership (select anyone can register)…it should then allow you to add the coding
          printf( __( ‘This page is restricted. Please %s to view this page.’, ‘wpuf’ ), wp_register( ”, ”, false ) );

        9.  @DavidLHendrickson no thats not the problem for me as I already have that checked 🙁

        10.  @robynred Damn sorry man. It worked for me. Good luck with this! Ill keep my eye out! 

        11.  @DavidLHendrickson i’m using the Genesis framework for wordpress so maybe that has something to do with it. 

        12. @Tareq
          Having the same problem ….
          where would “wpuf_customs” setting be? in what file… I think thats what is causing the problem and over writing the coding we are trying to add. (I dont know I could be wrong tho)
          After I changed the coding in the edit profile_php is still being over ridden saying “This page is restricted. Please Log in to view this page.”
          This is what the coding is showing even tho I changed it in the editprofit_php
          ” <div></div>This page is restricted. Please <a href=”″>Log in</a> to view this page.<ul><ul> </div> <!– end .entry –>”
          I dont know If I am getting closer to figuring out why I cant get it to work

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