Working on something: Project Management within WordPress

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  1. Hi @Tareq ,
    I like the idea, just don’t get thepoint – are you planning that it will be working only on admin side? Or it will be working on front end also?
    We was developing very similar type of product – olivetool, but didn’t finished it. I would also like to see some demo version when it will be available, maybe I’ll be able to give some advices.

    1.  @VaidasV It’ll have frontend, but only clients interaction will be done via frontend for now.
      How was you olivetool product? Any docs, demo or screenshots available?

      1.  @Tareq Can you please contact me via email?
        I can not find yours anywhere..
        I’ll give you more information.

  2. I hope you decide to finish this, one thing I would like to see is the ability to do reports, overview of projects = # of tasks, # task complete, % completion of project. and something similar for a project with more task detail. then exportable to show to people that you do not want to give access to the project planner itself. I think this would be as or more important the invoicing.

    iproject web is a WordPress plugin that comes close to being a usable project manager.

  3. We’re also very interested. We tried to use CollabPress ( but it seems to be broken and no longer supported.

    As well as managing project and assigning resources to do them, we also need a way to track the changes people make.

  4. Haha, so many people doing this, me too!

    You obviously are, but is all the metadata, milestones, tasks etc, attached to each project via metadata or other wp api?

    That was the entire reason I didn’t go with the other plethora of plugins, they didn’t effectively utilize wp api making them harder to work with.

    Another thing, I was going to mimic basecamp and allow discussions under each task. It doesn’t have to be that way, but as long as discussions can be attached to tasks – links, or some other way, that’ll help a ton.

    wp-invoice, is an absolute pleasure to work with, making invoicing incredibly powerful. It also goes with wp-crm. I was setting up projects to auto create invoices based on taskslists and client, allowing admins to select which get applied to invoice, and which stay private.

    I think the main thing will be the quality of code and ability to modify/extend that will make it a make or break plugin. There’s bunch out there, but this looks extremely promising. Solid use of the wordpress options framework would be awesome.

    Where are you at now? I’m wondering whether I should continue with mine or wait until yours comes out. Any chance I could peak at the code, to get an idea of if/how I’d work with it?

    Thanks for sharing!

    PS – love how the form works with the labels slideing out.

    1. The code is currently in github. Although it’s as is I left it 2 months ago. Initially I thought to decouple this from WordPress, so I did every project, tasks, comments in separate custom tables and the github code is reflects that thought. Later I thought it shouldn’t be decoupled. Currently I am moving it to native WordPress, that means with custom post type, taxonomy and other stuffs.

      After I am done with this, you can contribute here instead of creating your one from scratch again. We can collaborate if you want 🙂

          1. Due to this article, it got me thinking more about the ideal structure for a project management tool. I think this one looks pretty ideal, but I layed out how I’d structure the project management tool, and the basics of how I’d build it. Primarily to take advantage of the ridiculous number of awesome plugins by strategically using custom post types. Tareq, yours might be what I’m looking for. Here’s my thoughts, I’d love to know what you and everyon else thinks, and if this tools goes in that direction or not.

  5. I have a freelance website with this be able to work within my site? For example once a business has accepted a bid from a freelancer would they be able to use this for that project? Also an ability to approve each other do the docs won’t be available to every register person

  6. Hi Tareq,

    I found thee information about your WP-Project-Manager via Google search on this site.
    So I downloaded the only version I found on
    But after installing and testing I found that some options don’t work and the screenshots
    you published on your page are not the same as mine in the WP dashboard.

    Where is a fully functional version of this WP plugin to be found?
    Please send me a link or a zip file.
    I think it is a very helpful project/task management WP plugin!!
    Please help!!!

    Thanks and best regards,

      1. Hi Tareq,

        that’s a pity!! I was very optimistic because of ten detailed screen shots.
        It seemed that the plugin is almost completed! If the only missing thing
        or problem is the invoice system than this no problem for me because
        I don’t need it. If there is a chance to get a beta version with the other
        features immediately that would be great!!

        Thanks and best regards,

        1. Hi Martin,

          At that time, it was pretty much ready. But back then, everything was done by building custom tables, not using native WordPress custom post types and taxonomies. Currently I am making everything with native WordPress functionality, so it takes time. As I need to work on several other projects too, it’s taking a long time really.

          1. Is there a chance to get the older (almost completed) version of this plugin with custom tables? Can’t wait some month for the new version (using native WordPress)! Please help, Tareq!!!

  7. Hi Tareq.

    Thanks for the great plugin. Do you know if you will be working with this feature:

    Show the tabs and its content on the frontend using a shortcode.

    This is something which is not that hard to implement and it also gives the user the flexibility to use your system in any page; allowing a consistent user experience, instead of sending them to the wordpress backoffice.

    Let me know please. Thanks 😉

      1. That sounds great Tareq. Look forward to that update.
        Another great feature would be to allow the ability for the user to customize the emails that get sent out when there is a new message or comment. I have done this manually by editing the files, but it could be much easier if available as an option.

        Just know that if you keep improving the plugin to incorporate the features of Basecamp and Mavenlink. You will have many people including me that will be willing to pay you for a Pro Version. Keep it up ;).

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