43 thoughts on “What features would you love to see in “WP User Frontend” plugin?”

  1. Hi! First I congratulation for your plugin!! It’s great work! I have just a small problem. I use the “resize images before upload” plugin also, and I see this: after my user upload a post with your plugin (wp user frontend) the image size is very big, because the other plugin (resize images before upload) isn’t work. Can you help me?

  2. Hi and thanks for a great plugin! I am relying quite heavily on it as we have multiple authors on church-site. At the moment you can customize what fields should be visible globally, tags, categories attachments etc. I would like to be able to customize the blogg form depending on author. For example I would like to hide the upload images for some authors and let it be visible for others.

    I don’t know how to achieve this but it would be nice if it where implemented in the shortcode somehow. I this possible?

  3. A great piece of work! Is there any way to limit the categories which wpuf contributors can post to?

  4. Hi Tareq,
    Your plugin is awesome and really solved many of my problems i was facing with one of my project the only issue i am facing is on Dashboard page it is showing comments option i have disabled comments for Dashboard page but comments part is still active. I searched here and there for the solution but found that many others also have same issue and no able to get answer. Please help with that.


    1. Hey Tareq,
      i did little more search and found the answer i thnk it may help them who are still looking for answer so posting here:

      function wpufe_force_redirection( $url ) {
      return home_url(‘/dashboard/’);
      add_filter( ‘wpuf_after_post_redirect’, ‘wpufe_force_redirection’ );

      adding this code in wpuf-functions.php file solved my issue as you suggested in one of your post “How to extend WP User Frontend”.. Thanks buddy..

      1. Sorry, my question was about comment disabling on Dashboard page and i replied about add post redirect .. i am still looking for answer..

        1. This plugin just adds the dashboard related stuffs on that page via shortcode and it doesn’t control the comment option on that page. May be you need to look into that theme page.

          1. Hi,
            I’m having the same problem. Disabling comments for all of my other pages works, but I can’t get rid of the comments on the Dashboard page. Does anyone have ideas about where I should look to figure this out?

      2. I’ve added this to my wpuf-functions.php but it didnt worked. Any other directions?

  5. that is a great plugin . Fist of all i would liek to say thanks to you. I just have only one problem with my website that is user cannot delete their post. It’s keep saying “You are not the post author. Cheeting huh!” ..please help me to fix it. thanks a lot

  6. Hi Tareq, i’m loving your plugin, but there’s one thing I havn’t been able to figure out yet.

    I would like to integrate it with GD Star rating and let the user give a Star rating in the post they make. Do you know how I can do this?

    I can do a fair amount of custom coding, just need to be pointed in the right direction.


  7. Hi Tareq,

    I love the plugin. Is it possible to include a date picker in a custom field? Also, how does one get the front end edit button to direct the user to the dashboard page?


  8. Thanks wp user front end. This is an very good plug in. I do have the themes wallpress with different post templates. In wordpress under adjustments there’s the option to Standard article post format collecting main. When I do adjust the individual post tempate there, it works in the back end but not in the front end ( wp user front end). Wp user front end will take the standart post format template.

    I do work in the word press and php and I’m happy about every helpfull hint.

    greetings Riccarda

  9. i am using your plugin and am happy with using plugin.but i face some odd problem like when the payment transacrtion is complete with paypal then in the mozilla i get the alert like”information send on site is not encrypted page……..do you want to continue or cancel” (not click on continue or cancel)after that it successfully redirect to my payment success page.but in the database in transaction table record get save but not get transaction id,created date,.
    when i click on “if you not redirect within 5 second then click here” then record get save perfect for transaction.
    if i click on continue then i get two records in the transaction table one for correct transacton and one for without transaction id,created date.
    In chrome and safari did not get pop up so record are save correctly in database.
    so pls give some solution for my problem with mozilla.
    or on which file or functon i look to solve this problem.


  10. Hello congratulations for the plugin!

    1) First, a bug fix: in “wpuf-dashboard.php” – “function delete_post()” you need to add “global $userdata;” because you can’t delete your posts in some cases
    – create a post
    – log out
    – log in again
    – go to dashboard
    – try to delete the post it says that you’re not the post owner

    2) Add an option to automatically resize images that users attach, to your desired dimensions (setting the size limit is ok but who is going to resize their images before uploading?)

    3) Integrate NextGen Gallery or some other way to open images in a fancybox when you click on them in post view mode

    4) Option to bypass the trash and delete a post permanently

    5) Delete attachments after deleting the post permanently

    6) IMPORTANT: maybe i haven’t figured it out correctly, but the featured image should be visible when you view a post. I can see my other attachments but not the featured image.

    Congratulations for this awesome plugin!

  11. Tareq,

    Great Plugin! Would it be difficult to add a ‘checkbox’ option to the ‘type’ dropdown on the ‘custom fields’ dashboard page? I would like users to be able to check several boxes when they submit posts. I managed to create a metabox that does this when adding a new post in the dashboard and it was fairly simple.

  12. Hi Tareq,
    really thanks for your wonderful Plugin. And I’m beginner level programmer. So please clarify my below doubt,

    I want to allow my user to Post the contents as well as Featured image without login. Right now it shows as This page is restricted. Please Log in to view this page. I tired to edit the code but the attachment is not get uploaded. So where can I edit / modify the code correctly? Kindly help me. Thanks a alot.

  13. Hi Tareq excellent plugin! I have being customising it for sometime now adding other plugins and feature to it, however I noticed when I add custom field in to the form, the resulted post will show custom field data as part of the excerpt in page view, and showing below the content in single post view. Is there anyway to stop it automatically showing, I want to do my own so I can customize their css (ie Location: ID, ‘Location’, true); ?>)

    So at the least I want to remove the custom field data in page view, as it is styled like the rest of the excerpt text, and if the content is too long the custom field data will be buried down not showing.

    Please see:

    Thank you Tareq for this excellent plugin!

    1. @Alex

      Tareq has already said. It leaves itself and turn off in the settings. Can not be overlooked. If you want to display the custom fields individually, you can switch this off in the settings and eg its own code. ID, ‘Location’, true);?>, add exactly.

      When it is activated in the settings, the CFs are shown in the description as an entire block.

      So, just exactly the view settings.


  14. 1)How to add an editor at the box of description?

    2)How to add 2 different post type? For example i want add one page for add new post and a different page for add only one image.. it is possible?

    I want pay for this 2 features, who can help me?

    1. @ Filippo,

      if I understood you correctly, you can find this function under the general settings. Plain text, rich text or full with Tiny, Tiny if you have installed).

      Differentiate types of ornamental post go only by manually code tinkering. or with the Pro version.


  15. Hi,

    I like to have date picker for textbox for selecting date option like you have text box, text area and dropdown

  16. i’m using wp user frond end plugin i have one dubt..add post area it will show frond end user to post content to select parent category and sub category the post will post both category that is parent category and sub cateroy i need only post sub category not a praent category plz help..

  17. I would love to see a option to deactivate comments area with every form option

  18. Hi all,
    upload feature is not working properly in template page .pls give me a solution what will i do?

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