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  1. Hi,
    Indeed this software is very nice. But I’ve noticed a bug.
    Only Administrators can see activities and messages posted on specific tasks. Is this correct? Is there any role management system?

  2. Hey Tareq,

    thanks so much for this piece of work. We’re going to use this to organize all work in a student’s political think tank in northern Germany.
    I’ll try to contribute some fixes and stuff myself, but I’m probably not able to add more functionality. It looks great already, but I whish each user could see all tasks, across all projects the user is a member, and there apply a filter for only his own tasks (but still across all projects).
    Also, a calendar view would be great.

    Thanks again and I hope to stay in touch,

  3. Hi Tareq,

    This is an awesome plugin, i think this is the best project management for wordpress, i really find it usefull, thanks!

  4. Hi Tareq. Just a question that I need a reply on soon: is this compatibel with BuddyPress groups. i.e possibility to create projects under groups? Or to associate projects with groups? I’m interested in the front end functionality.


  5. This is an incredible plugin Tareq, and it’s going to make managing my projects much easier. I see that your project is on GitHub, and once I see somewhere that I can contribute, I fully plan to!

  6. Tareq,
    Great plugin!
    Only installed it a week ago but already in love.
    Willing to give you some money if you can provide me a way to do that.

    I also have a functionality enhancement that I either can’t see or doesn’t exist yet.
    That is the ability to have a task “team”.

    I can assign the task to a single person in the “responsible” field, but can’t add more than I person there. (I couldn’t figure it out anyway); but want others involved in that specific task.

    I see that I have to either duplicate the task (which splits the conversation) but makes the team member aware of their expected involvement; or manually tell each team member to get involved in the task.

    Is there a better way built in already?

    The ability to add and remove others as the tasks progresses through stages would be ideal.

    Here would be my sample use scenario:

    Project: Website launch
    Task1 – Design structure
    Responsible – Design Team Manager
    Current Stage – Planning
    Other people needing to be involved:
    – Web Programmer
    – Marketing Manager
    – Network Administrator
    – Sales Manager
    – Support Manager
    – You get the idea…

    Now it moves beyond Planning stage: -> to mockup stage
    people needing to be involved:
    – Web Programmer
    – Graphic Artist 1
    – Graphic Artist 2
    – Copywriter
    – Marketing Manager
    – Sales Manager
    – You get the idea…

    Move to next stage…., rinse and repeat.

    This allows the entire note set to move along with the project task instead of linking disjointed notes from various task records.

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