WP Project Manager PRO is coming…

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  1. hi Tareq ,
    how are you ?
    i hope you are fine .
    i am hamed shahien working as a web developer
    i was intending to send you email today about add features to hide the finished products , time tracking , add files for specific task not for all project and finally show gallery of users when i choose one of them i can see his tasks and progress of it. but i saw this great list . very good work and continue

  2. – Make it WPML compatible (front and backend) a must
    – Progress task bar with 25%, 50%% 75% or 100% of acomplishment (or what ever %)
    – A control for dedicated hours to the project (for charging hour rates)
    – On the Activity tab, make each iem clickeable to go and see it directly.
    – Show images that have been uploaded in Activity Tab o in a specific project galery
    – Add new user after the project has been created
    – Add different roles and privileges to users (individually)
    – Task dependancy option (a task can’t be started or finished, if another one has not been completed)
    – Project categories (web, graphic design, architecture ….)
    – Front end widget or shortcode “what are we working on”
    – A note pad
    – Suscription payment system
    – Online user
    – Chat

    And many, many more.

    If you want I could send you screen captures of Freelance Cokpit (available in themeforest) so you can see what it does. It is a stand alone php software that does the same as WP manager, but in a next level. The problem is that it is not posible to integrate to WP.

  3. Hi Tareq –

    Thanks for the really great plugin and for letting me know about the upcoming update. My one request would be to actually *not* add too many features. What you’ve listed in your plan sounds pretty good and contains items I would like to see, but one of the things that drew me to your plugin was that it did not try to do too much. I have spent time over the past 2 weeks trying to reduce the feature set of other project management tools because they are too complicated.

    In fact, I saw the Freelance Cockpit that @gonzalo mentioned above and knew immediately it was not for me. It’s trying to do dozens of things at once and it too overwhelming. I knew immediately it was far too complicated to allow me to be effective. Of the 14 requests he made, a few are already in your plugin, but outside of those, the only one I could potentially see fitting in is “A Note Pad” (if by that he means a Documents tab where you could post documents online. Even that, I’m not sure if it would be valuable or not. Please don’t add in huge initiatives like chat or hour tracking or invoicing or payments. Those things are clearly not what your plugin is meant to do (in my opinion). Your app could actually do something those other apps don’t do–help me and my team get projects done!

    Please do not make anything that comprehensive. Keep simplicity paramount in your design and development efforts. Yes, continue to evolve the project, but please don’t implement every request (even if they come from me). There are already incredibly comprehensive, complicated apps out there that try to do everything. Believe me, I found dozens and I couldn’t stand any of them. Keep yours simple and effective as it already is.

    Thanks again for all your hard work. You have a great product here! You should be incredibly proud!

    1. Hi Chad, thanks for your great writeup and really appreciate your time doing that. Responses like this makes me proud πŸ™‚

      I like simplicity too and thats why all things I build remains simple, yet effective. The plugin will not be bloated, if anyone wants bloated features, there will be a add-on for that. It’ll not be shipped with the standard one. Thats my motto, the core remains simple.

  4. I love this plugin! I have to agree with chadqmartin, don’t bloat it. All the features suggested by Gonzalo is pure bloat, apart from the notepad. Although certain things I hope you implement, fix, change or whatnot:
    – Usage of Bootstrap 3 (willing to pay extra for this feature!!!)
    – Permalinks (I’m insanely vain, I just can’t stand to see ?project_id=107)
    – Project Image (featured image for each project)
    – To-do List sorted in a responsive table (having the list sorted so that user it is assigned to comes in one column, instead of on a line)

    Currently translating WP Project Manager to Norwegian, will share when complete. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Tareq, first off, great plugin! When do you think the PRO version will be launched? I could really use those new features for my site. This will save me from writing it myself.

  6. I would pay for a “My Tasks” feature now. Any idea when this may be released and how much it will cost. Also I would be interested in paying for it and being a tester during development as well.

  7. aw man all I have is an American Express card and it wont let me purchase it πŸ™ I’m ordering it for the business I work for and the only company card I have is American Express. Any thoughts?

  8. Hi Tareq,

    Does the new pro version allow front end creation of new projects by users other than Admins and Editors?


  9. Also, the FAQ states that it doesn’t integrate with BuddyPress? Does that mean that it won’t work on a BuddyPress site?

  10. Hey man, thats really cool plugin. But as a project manager, All I can say its impossible to create every single tasks over and over again for each single project.

    You need to a “copy&paste” feature for creating tasks. For example you make a long list with Excel. Lets say 80 lines. When you past it to your text box, it should create 80 tasks with given names.

    That idea will make you a rockstar in this business for sure πŸ™‚ And… I will have my “free” copy of the addon in return πŸ˜‰

    Tell me is it possible to create such a thing and how long it takes?

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