Translator Credits

I didn’t know about this until a fellow translator pointed it out. I am not sure if this was from before WordPress 3.9, but if you helped translate WordPress in your own language, your name will be placed on the WordPress credits screen. I maintain Bengali translation site of WordPress and I am validator. When … Continue reading Translator Credits

A new plugin to import posts from facebook groups

Often I get frustrated with facebook groups. Lots of good and active groups are there like PHPXPerts, WordPressians, Advanced WP and lots of questions gets posted over there and answers too. But everyone knows, facebook search sucks big time. Those questions gets in black-hole (literally) over time and it’s hard to find them when you … Continue reading A new plugin to import posts from facebook groups

Dokan – A multi-vendor e-commerce app theme is coming soon…

Update: Dokan has been released “Dokan” – an upcoming WordPress app theme for building multi-seller e-commerce store, powered by WooCommerce. Me and my team are working on this for couple of months and it’s going to be released at end of this month or in first half of February. It’s using WooCommerce as it’s backend … Continue reading Dokan – A multi-vendor e-commerce app theme is coming soon…

Wildcard search using WP_User_Query()

You can use WP_User_Query() class to fetch users by various arguments. With it’s search parameter, you can search users by these columns ‘ID’, ‘login’, ‘user_nicename’, ‘user_email’, ‘user_url’. Although you’ve to specify which columns you want perform the search.

When searching users with the search parameter, by default WordPress searches for direct match. It doesn’t … Continue reading Wildcard search using WP_User_Query()

Wrapping Up 2013

Another year is passing by just like old times. So fast that can’t believe it. Anyway, so whats been going on and whats it going to be? Completed my Bachelors degree I am student of Computer Science and this year (September, 2013), I’ve completed my bachelors degree. Although I should’ve been completed it about 2 years ago, […]

WooCommerce sold out badge on products listing

Someone asked me in my facebook page that how could he add “Sold Out” badge in WooCommerce product. Well, here’s how:

Paste this snippet in your themes functions.php and voila! Change the color as you wish using CSS, don’t ask me how 😉 Note: This code snippet requires your PHP version 5.3 or above.