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  1. Never mind, there was a invisible character that took up no visible space in my code right on the end of the link, maybe picked up when copying the permalink from wordpress.

    I edited out the character, it was detectable by using arrow keys to go over it (the cursor paused at the invisible character)– and everything is hunky-dory.


  2. Hi Tareq,
    Just noticed that the update of plugin appeared on wordpress. I have downloaded and installed the pluging from github about at 1/26/2012. And as I understood, there was several updates on github newer than on wordpress, so which parts was updated comparing with my last download?

    Now at WP changelog it’s written:
    * fixed error on attachment delete
    * added styles on dashboard too
    * fixed custom field default dropdown
    * fixed output buffering for add_post/edit_post/dashboard/profile pages
    * admin panel scripts are added wp_enqueue_script instead of echo
    * fixed admin panel block logic
    * filter hook added on edit post for post args

    Maybe all of them are new?

  3. Hello Tareq. Thank you for this great plugin. I find many uses for it. But unfortunately i don’t know how to fix one problem. In my “Add” form is only parent categories to select. I was trying to deactivate some other plugins without success. But in “Edit” form i can see all parent and child categories in select bar, only problem there is that it doesn’t autoselect category where ad is added, it does only after hitting Update button, other ways there is only – select –
    Any ideas how to fix this? Would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. funny, i was trying to disable all other plugins and even use different theme and the problem is same, child categories doesn’t appear. While i install this plugin on other server for somebody else and it’s working good. Damn i spend hours and hours without success to figure it out :/

        1. Tareq, just to let you know, it may be a bug! After few days of looking around whole website, plugins and themes i finally figure it out. When i try to use “Plain Editor” subcategories doesn’t work, by using “Rich text” everything is just fine!!! You may have look what could be making that problem 😉 Regards Tareq…

    2. If you want child categories to appear on “Add” form, then you may try this…

      1.Go to wpuf-add-post.php and try to find this below code:

      2. In the above code, just remove &depth=1

      3. Save the file and check your “Add” form on frontend. You will likely see the child categories also.

      Hope this helps!

      1. If you want child categories to appear on “Add” form, then you may try this…

        1.Go to wpuf-add-post.php and try to find this below code:
        wp_dropdown_categories( .... )

        2. In the above code, just remove &depth=1

        3. Save the file and check your “Add” form on frontend. You will likely see the child categories also.

        Hope this helps!

  4. @Tareq: Bravo! Great Work

    Have simple questions related to plugin

    1. Is it possible to include WYSWYG editor of backend with image upload directly – Helps solve many Issues.
    2. What happens if we upload 4 images….. I understood that first/last image goes to featured Post and how about the rest…. Is there a way to get them posted inside the description.
    3. Possibility to post only under single category by default (e.g default he can post only under automobile category –> subcategory (car, bus, SUV) but user can select the subcategory
    4. willing to add custom fields which are already existing

    1. kayal. In your plugin settings -> Content editor type / you can choose to use reach text for your first question. For second, I am using LightBox Pro plugin to show all attached images, you may try that, it’s nice feature 😉

      1. @Ado: well I’m already using the rich text format but there is an issue with that option – Browser compatibility issues (You cannot see the image upload option in Chrome and IE)

        For Firefox – Even though you can upload the picture you cannot insert into the rich text editor like admin area.

        Ligthbox pro~ well never used that so far how does it work?

    2. 1. You can upload images directly, but you should have the image upload capability (WordPress roles)
      2. The images you upload, they get attached with the post, not featured. You can show the attached images in that post, I’ve mentioned a code in the comments somewhere.
      3. I think it’s already there.
      4. I had to do some special mechanism for custom fields, thats why they are prefixed with “cf_”. So I think you can’t use existing. Sorry

      1. @Tareq: Thanks for your reply, but my questions go this way
        1&2. Tried directly with administrator, but seems it works only in firefox but not in I.E or Chrome. Even though we have option to upload, but there is no button which shows “Insert into post” – Have you noted that in the editor.

        3. Well tried that, but it shows even all the main categories in front end – [ I need to show only one category here and below show the multiple sub categories of the main ]

        and adding to the existing point – If you go and notice backend you will notice if user has selected CARS sub category under VEHICLES main category you will see the post is added in both VEHICLES and CARS subcategory (I suppose it must be ticked only on CARS sub-category right)

  5. Hello, installed your very useful plugin, everything works fine, except the attachements. If I try to attach an image, the post wont be published. If I try to publish without attachement it works fine. The plugin is the only one installed at my website, Any ideas? Thanks.

  6. Find the problem, attachement max dimension was not ok. Now the post is published, but the image doesnt show up. Do I have to do something else?

  7. Great plugin. It is a huge asset to my site. I have run into one little problem though. I have been using the plugin FPW Category Thumbnail to automatically post a category picture on the homepage with each post. It works just fine when I post from the backend/admin area, but it does not automatically apply mapping when I use the User Frontend add page. I have to go back into the FPW settings and apply mapping for it to work. Any ideas? Thank you so much!

  8. I installed the plugin and it’s great, but… the “upload files” link does not work, I have to right click it and open it in a new window to get the file uploader to pop up, and when it does and I upload the file it doesn’t show up in the front end. any ideas on what could it be? any help is much appreciated.

  9. Hello Tareq,
    Is it possible somehow to make the edited post also pending or drafts status..?

    Thanks in advance!

  10. [wpuf_addpost post_type=”event”]
    But how can I automatically add “event” to custom taxonomy called “fireworks”?

    1. Sorry Jacek, currently custom taxnomies are not supported directly. But there are some plugin hooks offered by this plugin, by which it can be added via external codes.

      1. I’m trying different approach, so here is a question.

        If I want to take from your plugin code only for front end form to publish new posts should I only looking in “wpuf-add-post” file?


    I need more than a one form, so thats why your plugin wont work form me.
    Also i need to work with custom taxonomies.

    Can you help me to:
    Clean this code
    Make it work with adding custom fields to post

    PS. This code right now works.

  12. I’m using Firefox 10.0.2 and for some reason I’m unable to click the submit button. Everything works fine in IE and safari…any suggestions?

  13. hi im using your plugin to accept some custom fields from user when i display those custom feilds i can see it in my post but it starts with cf_custmfeildname is there any way to remove these cf_

    1. Currently there is no way to remove the “cf_”, it’s there for some reason.

      You can show the field values like this in the frontend

      1. i can see show the field value in front end but i want to show label : value pair i cant able to get the label without Cf_

        e.g i want to show custom field distance like

        distance : 500

        im getting

        cf_distance : 500

        or only 500 as u suggested above

        1. So why don’t you try like this:

  14. Hello,

    I have installed the plugin.. But the edit button doesn’t work. Nothing happens when i click in the dashboard on edit..

    I haven’t done step 6 of the installation because i dont understand it, can you tell me what i have to do?

    I can’t find where i have to put the code for the edit url.. I don’t have a screen with WP user frontend Options

    Insert the “Edit” Page url to the admin options page of the plugin

    1. The edit page url is now replaced with a page dropdown box. Select the page where you’ve inserted the [wpuf_edit] shortcode

  15. I´m testing your plugin and I think there have a little problem with custom taxonomies.


    My theme defined by code one CPT called film with two custom taxonomies called director and genre. When i used your plugin I add custom taxonomy director and type dropdown. Its run OK.
    But when I defined the second taxonomy called genre with type dropdown, in the add page the second dropdown list both values from director and genre.

    I think that is simple to solve for you, clearing some variable or depure some SQL select.

    Please help me and thanks for your free plugin

  16. Hello Tareq,
    looks like found a bug.
    When I’m using rich text editor for adding new posts on front end – category selection works fine.
    When I select plain text editor and select the category from drop-down, the subcategory drop-down selector doesn’t appear.
    Can you somehow help me with this..?

    Thanks in advance..!

  17. Very useful plugin but I have a request. I would like to provide a user to post ‘x’ number of posts for free and from ‘x+1’ post onwards, they can subscribe by paying per post. I am unable to figure out how to do this.

    I can edit the plugin files if you can guide me how to and what to edit.

    I will greatly appreciate your help. Thanks.

  18. Very useful plug, thanx a lot. But when I try to publish a post with pending status, I get an 404 error at redirecting after submitting. So that’s right because my new post has pending status and still unvisible at frontend. Could you solve it and include redirect-after-post option in settings?

  19. Hello Tareq

    Thanks for this very useful plugin ! I will definitely consider to offer you several cups of coffee 😉

    I am using your plugin to let users change their profile on the front end. Everything works perfectly when addind the shortcode [wpuf_editprofile]. I have just a small problem regarding informations which come from extrafield, which are generated on the user profile by other plugins.

    For instance, I use S2 membres to manage my membres / subscriptions. On the backend, when I use your shortcode, s2Member Configuration & Profile Fields are displaid and I would like to hide them. Here is the page if you want to see what I mean :

    How can I hise the S2 membres informations ? (I am not a developper and I am just able to insert some lines of code or modify php files)

    Thanks a lot for your attention


    1. The S2 member plugin using WordPress hooks to show those fields. If you don’t like it, open the wpuf-editprofile.php and find these lines:

      Try removing those lines one after another, this will help.

    2. Hello Julien, I like the subscription system you use (name, sex, date of birth) which plugin you use?

  20. Is there a way to only per for a field in the post. So lets say the post can be free but the website url to be posted has to be paid for. Thank you

      1. Donde lo coloco????

        theme_get_previous_post_link(‘« %link’),
        ‘prev_link’ => theme_get_next_post_link(‘%link »’)

        while (have_posts())
        get_template_part(‘content’, ‘single’);

        /* Display navigation to next/previous posts when applicable */
        if (theme_get_option(‘theme_bottom_single_navigation’)) {
        ‘next_link’ => theme_get_previous_post_link(‘« %link’),
        ‘prev_link’ => theme_get_next_post_link(‘%link »’)

        } else {



          1. sorry I get this error:

            Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<' in / home/subetuno/public_html/prueba/wp-content/themes/SUBETUNOTICIA3/single.php on line 28

            We delete <? Php and appears to see here:

            To be above the gray? where I place it? Thanks for your help

  21. Hello Tareq, great plugin, I was wondering if there is a way to export the structure of the custom fields that are created with the plugin, I ask this because I manage a WP Network and every blog has the same structure, before I found your plugin I simply exported the field groups I’ve created with advanced custom fields plugin and import it to each blog that need it, but I can’t seem to find a way to do this with the structure of the field I made with your plugin, thanks for reading this and help me with this

      1. Hi, me again, I have a small problem, when a client buys a pack and he like’s it and decides to buy another pack, the previous pack dissapears, what can I do to fix this?, thanks

  22. Every day I like mas this plugin, I do a couple of suggestions to him.

    1-to elaborate a video for the uutilizacion of ” Custom Field Options ” and “Taxonomy Options”

    2-Cuando this there being raised the news that appears a message op image that indicates ésto

    3-the section Could to eliminate “tag” in the admin

    4-suggest plugin that he should add icon to the Tiny of wordpres that ded should allow to raise videoes youtube (only the link) in order that the video appears

    5-Aparece a message of mistake to the moment of esdtar raising the images (6-seeing link) Him sending link of images of on what I comment to him

    Gracias !

    1. 2. Don’t know about this, may be your theme is creating some problems with this.
      3. You can disable tag from admin panel options
      4. I think no plugin will add icon in the frontend. They only works in the wp-admin. You’ve to manually add them (if you know how).
      5. This has been fixed, download the latest version from github

      Please try to use English in the comment 🙂

        1. Por favor disculpe mi ingles, uso traductor, tratare de mejorarlo…

          the correct method to replace the plugin with the new version is:
          1 – delete files and FTP subirrlos?
          2 – Borar the WP plugin and upload the new one?

  23. Tareq … fabulous plugin … many thanks.

    Small problem … I’m trying to use the “user can set post date” feature. It’s letting me enter a date front end, but on ‘save’ it’s reverting to the current date / time. As I need to include at least one date / time field, solving this is really important, and it has got me baffled! Any suggestions?

    (Once I’ve solved this problem, I then need to work out how to ‘publish’ anyway, but I’ll cross that bridge ….”

    One other little problem … where can I find the “Please wait … I’m saving” text that appears on the button when you submit? I’m “re-engineering” to make wording more fit my site, and I can’t find this text anywhere! [Even though it DEFINITELY says it … so ‘somewhere’ it’s being told to!]

    Any help / suggestions really, really appreciated! 🙂

    Best regards

    🙂 Michael 🙂

    1. @Michael. Hi, the message “Please wait.. I’m saving” can be found in “wp-user-frontend/js/wpuf.js” file. Once you open the file in Plugin Editor, you can use CTRL+F to find it. I am not sure about your first problem… Tareq would be the right person to comment on it.

    2. Thought I should add that I’ve just tried installing a ‘clean’ copy (i.e. one I hadn’t been playing around with!) on a test site, and it seems to exhibit the same problem. Let’s me define a publication date, then actually saves it with the currrent date / time.

      Latest version of the plugin tried on WP 3.3.1 in both cases, but ‘live’ on [child of] 1.5 BuddyPress Default theme and ‘test’ on Atahualpa 3.7.3.

      🙂 Michael 🙂

  24. Hi Tareq,

    I didn’t get response for my previous comment about pay for x+1 post while x posts will be for free. May be I will use default wordpress functions like author info or user meta to count the number of posts and then display your form whenever the count is less than x number of posts.

    On a different note, I have another query. I am using your plugin for custom post type. How do I set limit for attachments? I tried putting a value in Number of Attachments field in the plugin settings page. But it doesn’t help. Despite putting a limit, the form is accepting unlimited attachments for my custom post type. Is there anything I should add in the shortcode? Please help. Thanks.

    1. Hey Naveen,
      I don’t think currently there is no option that match you right now (the x+1 posting).

      About the attachment, are you saying that, if you set “3” as “Number of Attachments”, you can post unlimited attachments though?

      1. when I set “3” as “Number of attachments”, there are three upload fields that are shown on the front-end while “Adding a new post”. There is no problem with that. But, when I click “Edit the Post” in front-end dashboard, there are another three new upload fields.

        What this implies is, every time a user clicks on Edit post, he can upload three new files and this way, he can upload unlimited files.

        I guess, there is something that need to be added for edit post function in such a way that if number of already attached files are equal to the limit set, then upload fields should not be displayed.

        I hope you understood the problem.

        In summary, “limit” is working on “Add Post” but not on “Edit Post” because on Edit we can add more attachments without deleting the old ones.

          1. Thanks for the quick reply. Will this below code help in anyway:

            $nbImg = count($attachments);
            echo ‘There are ‘.$nbImg.’ pictures on this post.’;

            I got this code from wordpress support forums. Instead of “echo”, can we insert a function that will not allow upload field to display if $nbImg is more than the limit that we set. I am not sure how to implement this. Can you guide me?

      2. By the way, just to say that… I am using “Plain Text” feature for Content Editor Field and not “Rich Text”.

  25. Hi Tareq,

    I installed your plugin on my website and it’s great!

    Just one problem, I added several custom user fields using “Cimy User Extra Fields”, how can I show them on the front end profile of this great plugin?


    1. @Simon: Kinda hoping there isn’t an easy answer to this, as I’ve just rewritten and reordered a major chunk of my site to use this plugin, for more or less the same reasons as you’re saying! 🙂

      The ‘top’, ‘before description’, ‘bottom’ etc. commands give you a fair degree of control over where the fields will go, especially if you’re also not afraid to hack the PHP templates a bit. The resulting form I’m using is here if you want to see what’s possible. You’ll need to register to access it, but it’s free and quick to do so.

      I’m actually not using the WP ‘content’ part of the post at all … all of the fields are ‘custom’.

      Doesn’t really answer your question, but hopefully encourages you to know that solutions are possible! You just have to ‘think outside the box’ sometimes. 🙂

      Best regards

      🙂 Michael 🙂

      1. Thanks for your help man!!!
        I made some minor changes to your code and I managed to add the fields I wanted 🙂

  26. I see that the biggest problem is upload the photos.
    I found another plugin, which is not as complete as “WordPress Frontend User”, but the images are attached without problems:
    Please watch it, find something interesting and possibly apply to the wonderful “WordPress User Frontend”.
    I love this plugin “WordPress Frontend User” excellent support!

  27. Finally solved the problem of images … I have installed several Lightbox plugin but does not work with images, any idea how to fix this. thanks

  28. 🙂 And another thing …

    (More feedback than question!)

    Plugin allows HTML code for italics in the custom field descriptions, but not in the main ‘Category’ description. Just thought I’d mention it, in case this isn’t deliberate.

    🙂 Michael 🙂

    1. The version in github is translateable. There is a languages folder. You will need a software named Poedit. Copy default.po file and name it wpuf-.po and edit that.

  29. Hi Tareq

    Was going to ask if you have had any thoughts or ideas on my post date problem. I’ve got to the stage, with two sites, where I really need to use correct dates. Didn’t want to spend hours hacking and trying to work things out if you had a quick or easy answer.

    However, I see from your tweets that you were on the beach a few hours ago … so I guess you’re on holiday and won’t care for a while. Looks like I’ll have to work it out for myself. I’m not at all jealous 😀

    Best regards

    🙂 Michael 🙂

      1. So now you’re back, with your batteries recharged and ready to take on the world.

        I wonder how many hours that will last *he said cynically*. 😉

  30. Hi great plugin..Just having one problem where all the posts in the dashboard redirect to the same url of a page that is not the the edit page. It’s just a random page on my site that it seems to redirect too. Any ideas why that would be happening?

    1. To expand. I had made an edit page with the correct shortcode. In my dashboard the titles of the posts all match with the correct url. It’s just the edit link all point to the first page I have listed in alphabetically within my site.

    1. i made 3 subscriptions using sandbox, and [wpuf_sub_info] still show blank page. Also in admin page in list of transactions, for every transaction making two lines… Am i doing something wrong here?

  31. I had done this:
    Create a new Page “New Post” and insert shorcode [wpuf_addpost]
    Create a new Page “Edit” for editing posts and insert shorcode [wpuf_edit]
    And select the edit page at the opions page.
    But click the edit link ,It will jump to the backstage.
    Do I have to do anything else?

    1. That edit link is provided by WordPress, this plugin doesn’t do anything (modify) that link. If you need to edit any post, create a new page and insert shortcode [wpuf_dashboard]. You’ll see the list of posts you created with edit and delete link.

  32. I’m sorry to bother you a second time.
    I used this plugin,but it imperfect for me.
    The plugin use wp default Text Editors,So users can not upload a image and insert it into the post.Attachment is imperfect.
    How can I add a Text Editors myself,and the text editors can upload images.
    Apologise for my poor English.

    1. If you want to change the text editor, no problem, go ahead and edit the plugin. You’ve the right to customize it as you want.

  33. hi using chrome 18 and firefox 12 ..submit button doesn’t work for me..any suggestion very appreciated ??

      1. actually i have filled all fields.but when i press submit botton doesn’t work..any suggestion?

  34. The code located in wpuf-add-post.php line 219:
    if ( ( $cf[‘type’] == ‘yes’ ) && !$temp )
    Why is it like this:
    if ( ( $cf[‘required’] == ‘yes’ ) && !$temp )

    And the wpuf-edit-pot.php..

    1. Yes. In admin/wpuf-options-value.php 
      Then on line 829 you should see this code
       array(            ‘name’ => ‘wpuf_sub_currency’,            ‘label’ => ‘Currency’,            ‘desc’ => ‘Currency of the amount’,            ‘type’ => ‘select’,            ‘options’ => array(                ‘USD’ => ‘USD’,                ‘AUD’ => ‘AUD’
      Simply add  ‘EURO’ => ‘EURO’ and it will be displayed.
      Make sure you add a comma to the end of the AUD one 🙂
      Hope it helps

  35. @Tareq

    Does the front-end post editor display all of the custom fields that are associated with the custom post type?

          1. Is there a reference anywhere to the types of custom fields which are supported? Or does it load the custom field templates from the wp-admin so anything is supported?

          2. Any type of custom field is supported, although you’ve to create it via this plugin. Cause it prefixes all the custom field name with cf_ and saves in the plugin table. Then it’s used for validation, showing in the plugin area and in posts.

        1. How I am using a custom post type that is already fully configured to display listings with mapping data via google maps.  How would I assign your custom fields to map to my existing mapping custom fields.  Do I need a special filter or hook for that?

        2. I am using a custom post type for google maps listings which already has several address related custom fields configured.  How would I assign your custom fields to save data to these already existing fields?  Hook or filters for this?

        3.  @lelandzaremba Yes you can use hooks, <a href=””>here are</a> the list of actions and filters that can be used as a external plugin.

  36. Wonderful new version, and update and I see the images up with no problems, that beauty!
    I have a couple of notes:
    1 – em Explorer the message while the photo does not show up “The text will be Used after clicking the submit button”
    2 – The images are one above the other, as is done for each side placing the sample image according to: . jpg
    3 – I still owners understand the Custom Field Options, will be great a video made by you …: (to explain their use.
    Receive my respect and a big hug from Colombia, for this wonderful job.

    Note: For questions and not use more than this forum … I mean the message that appears inthe final version: I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions About about the plugin. Please post on the support forum Them on and I will look into it.

  37. Hi there and thank you for such a superb plugin. I’m having one problem though please. The payment processing is working at the Paypal end and the transactions are showing that payments are being made, but the user making the payments is not being credited with the package he/she has paid for. Have you encountered this problem and, if so, do you know how to fix it please?
    Many thanks

    1.  @LorenzoStrada 
      Yes it is.
      I coded in a google map and used 2 separate fields to store the longitude and latitude.
      The pin could then be placed where ever the user want to set their location.
      I’d be happy to send you the technique I used but it does require some coding into the plugin files

  38. Hi, Tareq,
    can you, please, teach me how do I set the editor to display hierarchical main categories and subcategories? Now shows only the main category. I need to show:
    Main Category    
    Thank you.

    1.  @josno The category is ajaxified. When you select a parent menu, the children menu appends just next to the category dropdown. Isn’t that working for you? Then may be you’ve some JavaScript error in your theme.
      Anyway, you can change it to hierarchical by removing the “depth=1” at wpuf-add-post.php in line 76.

  39. Hi, Tareq,
    unfortunately another one question. When I allow attachments, so after submitt the Article with attachments I am returned back to the form and the article is not published. I can not cope with it. It does this in all browsers. When I place no attachments or when the attachments are not allowed, it is normally published article. Can you please advise what to do, so I can work with attachments? Thank you.

    1.  @josno There might be two reasons for this, (1) you haven’t set attachment size in plugin options (2) the attachment size is bigger than the allowed attachment size.

  40. For pages “Subscription Info”, “Subscription Packs” and “Payment” appear on my sitejust headlines and nothing more. I put Shortcodes and nothing. Payment page is also set.Can you please advise? Thank you.

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