Things to do after installing Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

18 thoughts on “Things to do after installing Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot”

  1. #9, just check gnome tweak tool, u r 1 click away to enable close,maximize,minimize!

    There has already an extension to make the Power Off option visible always. Google it.

        1. Because you are not a Ubuntu user 😉
          I am using the button in left side since Ubuntu started it. Now I am flexible with it, so I want that 😀

  2. You forgot to mention the ‘number 0’ thing to do – Connect to the internet first! 😛

    I’ve neither used Gnome3 nor Unity. But from the various web review, it seems that, Unity has been more matured now and will be more during the next LTS release (which I am aiming at). When Natty released almost everyone cursed Canonical and Ubuntu… people even tried switching to Arch! This time the scenario is quite different – people are pacified with the Oneiric release. Hope Precise will be a blast.

    (BTW … didn’t like the captcha thing below the comment box, I am trying for the fourth time to submit this comment 🙁 )

    1. I was using unity and was using without any trouble. I was quite familiar with it. But didn’t installed Gnome Shell on natty, cause it was not *recommended*, might caused trouble. So I decided to not to install it. As Oneiric released, couldn’t wait this time. Although switching the distro version so frequently is very unproductive for me, but couldn’t wait for gnome shell. I’ll stick with gnome shell this time.

      I was getting too much spam, so reCaptcha is here. Although the text
      kinda irritating, sorry for that 🙁

  3. Thanks Tarek vai for the post. specially for gnome-shell and unijoy config.

    Can you tell a little bit more about gnome-shell-extensions !! I did all what you mentioned in this post but sill have no change. You can give me links you recommended.

    1. Sorry for the stupid question.
      I found the way to active the option for gnome shell extensions. It’s on gnome tweak tool under the shell extensions section.

    1. I think that `gnome-shell-system-monitor` extension caused you the trouble. Initially I had no problem with that. But there was an update of that extension, activating it caused the system broken. Then I uninstalled it via terminal and then everything was fine.

  4. Whenever, wherever I try ubuntu (fresh installation), I type one thing for real: “things to do after installing ubuntu, tareq”.
    Thanks very much.

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